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“Roof Installation – How To Shingle a Valley (HD)” by RoofRepair101 ? More about Roofing at: This video demonstrates step-by-step how to roof a valley with 3-tab and Architectural roofing shingles. Related Posts“Asphalt Shingles Roofing – How to Install Valley” by RoofRepair101HOW TO VIDEO: Roofing Basics …Installing a valley on a shingle roof…the easiest and fastest wayShingle Roofing Installation Detailed297 Brown colored log house with tar oiled cedar wooden shingle roofLose a shingle off your new roof? You may not be protected.Comprotex Home building Roof Shingle Calculator in Excel Instructional Video

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  • Mario Lopez 1 year ago

    As a roofers we all might agree that valleys are the most critical area on a roof so…why not start laying our shingles right there? By doing it you'll be able to use full length shingles where it needed most and save time and material by making cuts on the opposite side only. 3:15 totally wrong?

  • Roofing Companies CT 1 year ago

    Very detailed video on how to shingle and weave a roof valley. The woven valley is probably the best for three-tab asphalt roof shingles. Installing Weather-Watch in the valley is very important especially in areas that can build up ice dams. The open valley method takes more time but is more aesthetically pleasing especially on older Colonial style homes with older more intricate roof-lines. Great video and well done..?

  • Don Viau 1 year ago

    as a roofer of 27 years i prefer a closed cut valey ,metal tends to expand and contract in weather over time and pulls the nails up ,but one of the roofers is going nuts with the nails there should be no nails where the shigle butt one to another on the shigles with no tabs

  • celticslimjim 1 year ago

    Great video thanks.?

  • Astromyxin 1 year ago

    I can't believe that experienced roofers in conjunction with a major manufacturer would not start from the valley, effectively controlling that size shingle is installed into the valley, on both sides. Shame, gaf.?

  • Johnny Komatsu 1 year ago

    I got shingles once, hurt like hell.

  • PokieManzz 1 year ago

    Heh, in Ontario where I shingle we tend to put metal valleys .

  • coolflatroof 1 year ago

    They wear safety harnesses without the rope attached to it … lol