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This video was prepared by IQHDP (1st Phase), Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh. This video was uploaded by Dr Akhtaruzzaman-0088-01711-884191 Related PostsRoof Gardening | Special Focus on Vegetable Gardening on top of Roof | Hyderabad – V6 Newsছাদ বাগান করার আগে করনীয় বিষয় | Things to do before roof gardening | ছাদে বাগান করার পদ্ধতিమేలుచేసే మిద్దెతోట || Roof Gardening – Moderan City Farming | RythunesthamRoof Gardening – ছাদ বাগানRoof Gardening: छत पर अदरक की बागवानी | Adrak/Ginger Plant on roof | Part 2 | Home Gardening 🌱RAINY SEASON AND PLANTS CARE | IN HINDI | ROOF GARDENING |


Green Roofs


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