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Get this Revit File here: Gazebo in Revit Tutorial: Subscribe for more! Please Like this Tutorial! Follow me on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: In this tutorial I show you how to model a roof garden or a green roof in revit. Revit Shortcuts: GR – Grid RE – Scale EL – Elevation VR – View Range CL – Structural Column MM – Mirror (pick axis) DM – Mirror (draw axis) UN – Project Units WA – Wall CS – Create Similar RP – Reference Plane Al – Align SL – Split Element OF – Offset TR – Trim/Extend AR – Array CO – Copy TX – Text LI – Model Lines DL – Detail LInes RR – Render RY – Ray Trace GD – Graphic Display Options TL – Thin Lines GP – Group LG – Project form Group Additional Tags: gazebo, roof, garden, green roof, grass, plant, tree, architecture, family, Structural, Beam, Column, Beam System, Light, family, family editor, street light, Revit, Architecture, House, Reference Plane, Detail Line, Floor,, BIM, Building Information Modeling. Building, Roof, Roof by element, Roof by extrusion, How to model a roof in revit, Revit City, Revit 2018, Revit Turorials, Revit 2017, Revit Autodesk, Revit Architecture 2017, Revit Array, Render, AutoCAD, How to model in Revit, learn Revit, Revit Biginner tutorial, Revit tutorial for Beginner, Revit MEP, Revit Structure Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBeginner Tutorial 3 – Autodesk Revit 2016 – The Green Library Project – Designing a Green RoofAutodesk Revit 2016 The Green Library Project Designing a Green RoofShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.OptigrPrairie Green Roof


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  • carou sel 1 week ago

    I love your videoo

  • Jose Vitor 1 week ago

    I would like to learn how can I change the representation of trees in floor plans

  • surya kumar alavilli 1 week ago

    How to draw curb walls according to sloped topo

  • sameer sam 1 week ago

    Its kind a quick and quite awesome ..

    Can u help me. Here's my question.
    How to make Spanish roof tile house.. need quite realistic material or family something idk..
    And can u use sweep with so many edges and use Spanish tiles on the sweeproof.

    Thanks in advance wish to see these in ur next vedio.

  • KYAW ZIN HTUN 1 week ago

    Emma Stone ? XD

  • Ahmad Chaudhry 1 week ago

    Dear Balkan you are great my brother.Can you share your Vray for revit license file with me Please.I am student of architect and i can't afford my

  • Nawaz Mulla 0110 1 week ago

    Helpful tutorial
    Thanks Balkan

  • 73intrepid 1 week ago

    Nice tutorial my friend…

  • Mohammad Dilshad Alam 1 week ago

    Thanks I was in search of these, thanks

  • mohamed al ashiq 1 week ago


  • mohamed al ashiq 1 week ago


  • HeadPack 1 week ago

    Another useful tutorial. Would be great to have some more about landscape architecture, and about the RCP families. Hedges seem missing in the localizations I used thus far. Anyone using one with hedges in it?

  • Arq.Jorge LAR 1 week ago

    I thought the video was more for construction than representation

  • Shaik Fareed 1 week ago

    Balkan architect is great

  • Mega Builds 1 week ago

    Good balkan, But you can do more I think.. 🙂

  • Abubakar Mustapha 1 week ago

    please can you make a tutorial on how to create ridge cap on roof like in this video i find your tutorial very easy to learn.

  • Round 1 week ago

    Woo hoooo…!