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Roll roofing : Here is a little video about S A Membranes …like and subscribe. thanks a lot for watching everyone … with all my respect. Eric. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!Roll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !How to install Roofing underlayment the proper way , why I use 30 Lbs. VS Synthetic ?cement roof tile making machine roofing roll forming machine roof tiles mouldHow To Install a DeckSeal Low Slope Self-Adhered Roofing SystemSteps to Proper Roofing Replacement

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  • Ryan Thibeau 4 months ago

    How come u do all that torch down an not use rubber instead

  • Timex 4 months ago

    DONT USE NON STICK UNDER LAYMENT FOR ROLL ROOFING …vent the roofs…roll roofing will lift if it is not glued down with proper stuff. Then the inspector does not know what they are talking about

  • Liz Bowen 4 months ago

    Solid work as always. I bet the only reason your still on a roof is because you have to make sure it's done right. You should be in your office bidding jobs.

  • Bobby Mancini 4 months ago

    Great job Eric. That's one water tight job. I've never used that system before but the last time I did any tile roofing was in Florida and we were still using 30/90 hot mop! That was in the mid 90s. Much love and respect from Philly. Keep on roofing brother and be safe up there!

  • Mike B 4 months ago

    Thank you..Wondering why the Tri-Built Self Adhering Base for the valley underlayment, etc instead of the typical ice and water underlayment?

  • slimey salinas 4 months ago

    Great video bro

  • Dave M 4 months ago

    Damn, you are way the hell up there ! I don't know how you studdly roofers do that shit! I never could stand doing roof work when I was working as a Carpenter's assistant. I'll be ground crew, thank you very much! I give you all credit, but damn, be careful up there on those extreme heights! Gives me the willies, just thinking about it! Yikes!

  • iSiP Toronto 4 months ago

    stick to shingles

  • Jimmy Palmisano 4 months ago

    You’re great my friend I learned a lot from you

  • Junior lovescars 4 months ago

    If you can show an after picture or video that’ll be awesome!!

  • Jugg Man 4 months ago

    15:55 u answered what i wanted to know ur a bad mofo!! Vato loko

  • 1bottlefed 4 months ago

    Lots of old school roofers hate the peel and stick. I redid a porch roof on my house that has very little pitch with the same 3 layer peel and stick and its been 20yrs and it still looks great….very little sand in the gutter and zero signs of loss of bond.

  • Steve jones 4 months ago

    We call those crickets "deadpans" here in Ohio

  • Carlos ulloa 4 months ago

    Good Eric I need to renew my old flat roof. Can you give some tips

  • Edgar Bahena 4 months ago

    Me dio sueño vato. Haz el jale y despues explicas. Porque explicas te haces bolas con tu ingles madriado. Y luego nadie te entiende ni tu!!

  • Rollie DeLapp 4 months ago

    what's the deal with all the penetrations in the valleys and crickets no bueno. extra water protection only helps if it's not penetrated.

  • Chucho Ramirez 4 months ago

    Hasta k se enseñó amigo y no le pusiste papel negro abajo del noventa en el flet como el otro video donde borro mis comentarios jajaja y no necesitas poner 2 veces la bace azul es la misma

  • clarissa reid 4 months ago

    Without scaffolding how does your crew get all those materials up on the roof?  I've only seen ladders in your videos.  I purchased one bundle of shingles before Hurricane Irma, expecting the worst, remembering the lines at Home Depot from years earlier.  I lost maybe 20 shingles in all, I was lucky but, my roof is about ready for replacement.  I know from your videos you don't do metal but, how would you advise on that and if so, what gauge would you suggest in Florida?

  • jay johnson 4 months ago

    Yeah this roof isn't for beginners. Skilled roofers only on this one. I've watched a lot of Eric's videos. He is indeed a damn good roofer.

  • Nap Horse 4 months ago

    why do you waste so.many nails on the membrane? once it's on and the shingles go on the nails will go into the membrane as well not to mention when you shingle over your air nail nails if the hit the existing nails would that cause any problems?. great videos tho.awesoem work. just a suggestion