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roll roofing …In this video I guide thru the steps on installing a basic flat roof following all the installation codes and regulations. Hope you like it and gives you an Idea about this type of roofing applications. Greetings. Eric. How to install ridge from ridge to hip. Related Postscement roof tile making machine roofing roll forming machine roof tiles mouldTorch On Felt RoofingHow to install a new slate roof by Durable Slate – Slate Roofing ContractorsHow to Install Roof Shingle Properly – Roofing Dallas / Ft Worth – Free EstimatesHow To Measure And Install Multi Rib Metal Roofing Part 1Flat Roofing | GRP Roofing

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  • Alex Burns 1 month ago


  • Vicente Lopez 1 month ago

    Luísito cada 16 pulgadas verga vas como cada 3 pies luísito Ponte verga jajaja es broma lo q pasa q me gusta mucho ver tus vídeos eric

  • Alexander Nathaniel Dupuis 1 month ago

    your educational background on explaining is very important for roofing torch down. But even down to how the wood is supposed to be laid out

  • Joe Figueroa 1 month ago

    good work Eric

  • Chuck Taylor King 1 month ago

    Hey Eric. how many times have you cut your saw cord. maybe it wasn't you maybe one of your border jumping helpers

  • Marlon Barrezueta 1 month ago

    como se llaman esa baina la clavan el base sheet

  • Jee Jee Om 1 month ago

    Excellent video, well done, but I still talked my husband out of torching.

  • qmax1969 1 month ago

    the only thing that I will do different is apply white granules on exposed bleeding.

  • qmax1969 1 month ago

    here in Texas on the coastal bend area, you have to nail with simplex 1 1/2" , 3 rows on field 6 or 7" on center and laps 4 or 6 nails oc depending on design wind pressure.

  • juan fabregui 1 month ago

    you talk about clean i can see shoe marks all over and very poor skills sorry

  • J Marco 1 month ago

    Nice work…

  • Johnny's Cousin Steve 1 month ago

    Hey, Eric – I've watched a bunch of your videos and I think this one is the best as far as "step by step" instructions. I like how you took the time to cut the 1/8" gap in the plywood and the detail of nailing the gaps.
    Question – does that "inner ply" layer around the edge come with the edging material? And you didn't show putting the mastic over the edge. Does it have to dry before torching?
    Thanks for making the videos! I used to live in Manhattan Beach back in the 90's – nice to see it again.

  • Eduardo Fernandez 1 month ago

    te felicito muchos paisanos  no hacen esto soy venezolano vivi a en estados unod y trabaja en pintura  me gustaria saber  si ensenarias  a alguien  me gusta tu trabajo

  • antonio vargas 1 month ago
  • Roofing Solutions By Eric Garcia 1 month ago

    don't remove it, that tab will stop the water from penetrating all the way down to the sheathing and will make  the water on top of the shingle underneath in case of a leak, also it prevents the shingles from sticking when are in the bundle.

  • L.K. LaRose 1 month ago

    Thanks. I searched and searched for this detail. Some editing to enhance the sound would have been good though.