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Garden photojournalist, artist and author Debra Lee Baldwin shows how to use sculptural succulents to add beauty, sophistication and whimsy to gardens and outdoor living spaces Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDebra Defends Jade PlantPairing Succulents with Hanging PotsCreate a Living Picture with SucculentsSucculents in SquaresCreate a Hanging Basket of SucculentsDan D Rogers – Real School Garden Installation

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  • Letti Delgado 11 months ago

    Didnt know there were different Crassulas plants they're so pretty…

  • Sketchalater 11 months ago

    What the heck is that moaning in the background. It's so irritating and I can't concentrate on Debra! It gets a bit quieter later in the video, but It's so hard to not focus on it. Also why all the hate on Debra? I'm an artist, and I know good arrangements when I see them, and Debra's work is no exception. Sometimes you gotta rip a plant apart to get it to be the shape you want to fit the composition. And the succulents won't die from it because they are tough.

  • Connie Beal 11 months ago

    Here is something funny you would appreciate Debra. I watched another video you did on what kind of soil you used for your pots. You said you add Dry Stall to regular potting soil the cheapest you can find. I went online to Google Dry Stall and I finally found Dry Stall at a store in Paso Robles CA called "Tractor Store". They have items for animals, horses, farms and gardens. It is used for the horses stalls. I bought a big bag for $9.00. Brought it home and my husband saw it and said sarcastically "What are you going to do with that? Are you going to bring home a horse? I of course did not answer him until later in the afternoon. I said, using it for my succulents! I now have a years supply of pumice! LOL Guess I have to buy more pots and succulents.

  • Sarah Thomson 11 months ago

    I love you, Debra. <3 People are so mean in comments sometimes.. Geezz…

  • Neal Rainer Chio 11 months ago

    why is someone snoring?!

  • Armando R 11 months ago

    I would not watch a person like her to brake a succulent plant that takes years to get to the size.that that plant she tore up it just sad can't stand her pleasure.

  • Jesse Betsill 11 months ago

    Rodger's Garden, I have no idea who did the CC for you but perhaps you should read the print and see what non-hearing people are getting from this wonderful lady.

  • Elaine Morgan 11 months ago

    Sunset article she refers to in the beginning of this video:

  • Monica Cruz 11 months ago

    I thought one could put cinnamon powder on the "juicy cut end" when you cut a plant so prevent fungi.

  • she really is not good….

  • Great Public Speaker.  Good usage of words.  Interesting video on succulents.

  • mscosu 11 months ago

    It hurt to watch her tear that plant apart. Would prefer a much much shorter tutorial.

  • Patrice 11 months ago

    rip that plant apart!

  • Buckeye Orchid Gates 11 months ago

    what is that annoying humming in the background ?? anyways .. I just started my hobby with succulents and im so happy with them.. they are so fascinating and so easy to take care of .

  • I think I can hear girrafe dying in the bakground…

  • chris redman 11 months ago


    put youtube dot com infront of this link^

  • chris redman 11 months ago

    Do my plants seem unhealthy to you? Any tips for making these healthy? Some look like their turning brown and sad…

    I sent the video in another comment and in a video response…

  • Joan Ols 11 months ago

    I need to know the names of the succulents. the basic most common.

  • RVFreeDa 11 months ago

    Lots of great info! Thanks so much! I'm heading out to the garden and playing with my Succulents now!