Rocking horse has always been a known game. It is a horse made of different materials that can swing, and in some cases even walk, thanks to the use of wheels. If it is made of plush it must be used at home, while if it is made of plastic it can also be used in the garden.

rocking horse

wooden rocking horseSo let’s start examining the structure of the rocking horse: it consists of a small horse, suitable only for a certain age group, which can differ according to the height of the horse itself. The child will find this game a lot of fun because rocking is a fun and relaxing movement. The horse swings thanks to an arched base on which it rests. Sometimes this base can also be replaced with wheels that allow the horse to walk. The rocking horse continues to survive over time as a traditional game for children, it is present in the rides and in the collective imagination it is undoubtedly represented by the classic wooden horse. Today the one made of plush, in addition to being very nice to furnish the bedroom of the little ones, can be used inside the house to have fun. It is not advisable to use it outside because the soft toy, when it comes into contact with water, is ruined. For the outdoor space you can choose a rocking horse made of plastic. Plastic is a very resistant material, so this toy can also be left in the garden during the winter period because it does not suffer any damage. The following year, before being used, it can be washed using water and a simple detergent. Furthermore, plastic is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, does not require any maintenance and the appearance of the rocking horse remains unchanged over time. It is a very fun game for the child, who approaches the rocking horse with great enthusiasm and will continue to use it for some time.

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To be used in the garden, the rocking horse must necessarily be made of plastic, while the plush one is suitable only for the indoor environment. The choice can be related to different models that certainly differ from each other for various details. Think for example of horse accessories that could be made of leather: this would certainly lead to a higher cost. Many rocking horses have specific characteristics that make them toys to keep even when the child has grown up. For this reason, the plastic rocking horse is usually indicated as the most accessible one. Obviously, to be sure to make the purchase at the cost you want to spend, you must go directly to a store.

The plastic rocking horse is a popular garden toy, as is the one made of plush. Both are on sale at stores specializing in children’s games, while the plastic one is often also present in the areas dedicated to garden furniture that deal with children’s games. Further advice on the choice to be made for the purchase of the rocking horse can be asked directly to the retailer, who will certainly want to know the age of the child to indicate the most suitable rocking horse. Even when the purchase is made on the internet, you must carefully read the description of that particular game to check if it suits your child. On the internet, times are certainly very short compared to buying in a traditional shop, especially since the customer can decide to make the purchase at any time of the day and receive the chosen object directly at home. Furthermore, by viewing different web pages, he will be able to compare different models of rocking horses and above all compare the price by choosing the one that seems to him to be more appropriate.

The rocking horse is a game for children that certainly remains in the bedroom as a piece of furniture even when it can no longer be used by the child because he has grown up. For this reason, many parents decide to buy rocking horses with a good heart. The plastic rocking horse deserves a different speech, because it has a rather affordable cost and still allows the child to have fun safely in the garden while in contact with nature. Therefore, in both cases they are two games that help the child grow and entertain him in a pleasant way. For this reason, the rocking horse is often included in the garden games category. The cost varies according to the specific characteristics of the game which can only be verified by going directly to the point of sale or by checking the price directly on the internet, consulting sites specialized in garden games.

One of the most used games in the gardens is the rocking horse (of course only useful for the entertainment of children), it is a simple and at the same time very exciting game. It can be made of many materials, for the outside wood and plush are not recommended, because if they are exposed to the elements, or rather to rains, they can be ruined in the shortest possible time. These two materials are in fact recommended if you have an internal garden, or in any case at home. If, on the other hand, you want to install your rocking horse in the garden, you will have to choose materials such as plastic and iron, which are much more resistant and allow you to keep the horses always in excellent condition.


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