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Rock painting ideas. How to paint rocks as vegetables. Carrot rock, aubergine rock, pumpkin rock, caulifower rock, rock tomatoes. Stone painting. Stone painting design ideas CLICK FOR INFO More nature crafts here More gardening crafts SUBSCRIBE TODAY CHECK OUT MY BOOK FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Twitter G+ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCrafts for Kids! Stepping Stones Skullduggery Summer Garden Decor Painting, Mixing Colors Tubey ToysHow To Draw and Paint House for kids, Tree In The Garden for Children to Learn ColorsSuperSize Your Vegetables with Wood Chips & Rock Dust in Your GardenGrow Larger Vegetables with Rock Dust – Benefits and How to ApplyDrawing House with Garden for Kids TV | Colouring Page with Colored MarkersDIY Garden Decoration Ideas with Rocks and Stones

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