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Take you through my sister’s lovely garden with me! She has many beautiful shade plants and rock garden ideas. Thanks for watching! My ETSY store: My INSTAGRAM: My Amazon store: My TEESPRING store: My address: White Cottage Company PO Box 403 Berlin, OH 44610.


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  • kittycat mommy

    Stunning! I would love to be sitting at that bistro set right now enjoying the peace and serenity with the birds chirping and a sweet kitty walking by. So pretty and beautiful.
    You have given me so many ideas and I plan to get out into my backyard as soon as I can and start building my beautiful gardens plant by plant. I'm only on a third of an acre with a backdrop of woods behind my house. I just moved here so it is a blank canvas and thank you for putting the names of the plants at the end which was so very helpful. Sending hugs and blessings to you and your sister. Be well and stay safe

  • Jerry/Dana Seagle

    Your sister's garden is glorious and one of the things that makes it that way is those fabulous blue flowers growing everywhere. Can you tell me what they are?

  • Doris Godfrey

    What a beautiful garden. The Hosta's are amazing. Do you have Deer? I just moved to a wooded area that has Deer and Turkeys and I want to grow Hosta's but I hear the Deer eat them. I am in zone 8 in Ft Worth Texas. Love your Video's.

  • Beth Reisman

    Just lovely. Naturally beautiful mother earth.
    What a relaxing landscape. The stones, terrain and naturalized plantings are just perfect. Thank you for letting peek at this magical spot.

  • Kayla

    What a dreamy yard/garden/home definitely something that looks like I dream of. I would do anything to live there and have it look exactly like that. And then add some my own things.

  • 4everNarayani

    Hi Mary, hope I’m not too late in asking, just saw this wonderful video! Before you show us the lovely bench swing (4:39 frame) you show a part of the garden where there are some dark green, low lying, enormous dinosaur era looking leaves. They almost look fuzzy? Also, does your sister do all the gardening and take care of horses, etc. all on her own? I ask because we have a similar set up also with horses which I try to maintain pretty much by myself, but my yard would only love to look like hers (and yours)! Something for me to aspire to and know it can be done if she does. Thank you for sharing all the loveliness!

  • Silvia Marcos

    Hermosos tus trabajos, tu casa y ese entorno es
    Todo hermoso, pero los "No me olvides" superflorecidos y manchando tonos celestes alilados entre lo verde… Un cuadro!
    Y tu gato, para apretujarlo y besuquearlo…
    Desde Uruguay te saludo y admiro

  • bomashisha Lisa

    Oh, Mary, I am just now watching this video (September). Your sister's landscaping is incredibly gorgeous. I wish I could find someone to help me do my backyard. Right now it is a mess, but I guess, little by little, we'll get there. I am getting so many wonderful ideas from this tour. Thank you and your sister for sharing with us. How wonderful to live near your family.

  • Judy Cummings

    I have recently found your channel and I’m loving it!! I have been so encouraged to try things that I thought I couldn’t do and have been so thrilled with the outcome!! I have been furloughed from my job since May 1st and was getting down. I found this channel and it has blessed me and filled my days. Thank you and God bless you! Please don’t stop!!

  • Phyllis Perryman

    Very pretty garden. Love your kitty. How does she keep deer from eating her pretty hostas? I have to put mind in pots on the porch. They eat them all out in the yard. Maybe we have more here in Arkansas. Thank you Mary for the tour.

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