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The world’s first farm run entirely by robots is being created by Japanese lettuce production company Spread. The indoor, vertical, and LED-lit Vegetable Factory will use robots that can harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce a day. Will the farmers of the future be robots? We look at how the use of machines and technology is impacting agriculture on the Lip News with Nik Zecevic and Elliot Hill. Newest Lip News playlist: CRIME TIME clips playlist – BYOD (Bring Your Own Doc) Highlight Videos- MEDIA MAYHEM short videos playlist – Video Rating: / 5 In thisTechKnow episode we see how a niche group of commercial farmers in the US is growing pesticide-free produce inside industrial warehouses with the help of artificial light. Green Sense Farms runs its vertical farm from a 2,800 square metre warehouse just outside Chicago. The farm is bathed in a pink glow – the effect of the thousands of red and blue LEDs – light-emitting diodes – which enable the plants to photosynthesise. “We take weather out of the equation,” explains Robert Colangelo, founder of Green Sense Farms. “We’ve created groundhog day here. Each day is consistent and it’s the same, so we always get perfect plants every day.” Farming in a controlled environment means the plants grow within a certain time using 98 percent less water. At Green Sense Farms it takes about 42 days to grow a head of lettuce, which is from 3 to 17 days faster than it would take if grown in a field. Now, Green Sense is figuring out different red and blue light combinations to optimise growing other plants, such as chives or basil. We also visit FarmedHere, another indoor farm, which uses an aquaponics growing system: waste from tilapia, a freshwater fish kept in tanks, […]

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  • Evolve 4 years ago

    Our government is more focused on terrorism rather than global hunger.

  • Cello Face 4 years ago

    Farmers have been in exponential decline for decades now thanks to automation. Sad if you love the monotonous toil of farm labor. Great if it frees you up to pursue and develop your true calling. I think it's awesome progress that we can still figure out how to feed more people with less wasted energy and manpower. Anyone nostalgic for the plight of the lettuce picker hasn't had to pick lettuce as a career.

  • Kris Nelson 4 years ago

    More economic losses for humans at the hands of technological dispossession.

  • TheCaptainSlappy 4 years ago

    Now I know where all the Bernie Sanders supporters come from.

  • Eurisko Omni Importante Naturalis Lex (nil-emolumentum) 4 years ago

    "Off with their Lettuce Heads!"  =)

  • Morph Verse 4 years ago

    The amount of land and water this system saves is astonishing, We need to head in this direction..

    Let it be fully automated like the rest of the bullshit jobs.

  • Wolfee 4 years ago

    Sad for farmers… Then again I really don't like that iceberg lettuce we commonly see everywhere. Its mostly just water. Romaine or Spinach is where its at.

  • rich5562000 4 years ago

    Atomic Powered Mars Farms!

    Someone alert Elon!

  • Terry Hoffman 4 years ago

    i grew up in the country and have said for the last thirty years that this is going to be apart of the farming future we should be able to grow some foods in buildings in the cities and with the advancement of led lighting and solar technologies that it can be cost competitive but one of the things i never see and maybe it will happen as more of these farms happen is setting up the buildings to also be able to flood the growing rooms with carbine monoxied with. it will help the plants to grow even faster and will also help clean the air in the cities in fact put these buildings next to power plants and factories that produce a lot of pollution and capture it. there would be big benefits for the farmers and these plants with these new carbon regulations and how they have to buy carbon credits. ( i;e need to buy less credits and would be good community publicity)

  • Jeremiah Wilson 4 years ago

    hot liberal lesbians….yessss

  • Dee B 4 years ago

    i wish there was more led grow lights with full spectrum, Ultra Violet and Infrared – the big cost $$$ only black dog led grow light has it so far…

  • Mike l 4 years ago

    love the tame bees.
    the blue/red led light farming already being used by China many years ago. These type of light also prevent bugs…thats y they dont need pesticides.
    btw those tilapia fish won't earn u much money, but its a hardy fish, easy to rear.

  • griffin 4 years ago

    That intro o.o

  • ide Moumin 4 years ago

    Green Tech! I love it…I wish the world's most polluters use much more green tech to increase the efficient output of their agriculture. However much of Africa lands is unused while Africa agriculture attracts rarely significant investment or external aid to increase the food consummation in 2050 where the total population of the world would be 10 billion…

  • Ethan Heywood 4 years ago

    a bit cheesy at times, but overall super interesting and informative.

  • dopeskies 4 years ago

    Phil Torres probably drowns in pussy daily.

  • Moeillo 4 years ago

    Thought I saw her on Dnews

  • Abdouramane Diallo 4 years ago

    Why hundreds of fishes have to live in such small tank. This remind me chicken and pig farming..

  • Quinn Douglas 4 years ago

    your also using chemical nutes don't lie. it's the reason why hydroponic tomato taste like cardboard. organic all the way better flavour.

  • takunveritas 4 years ago

    what does "uploader hasnt released video in your country" mean?
    Its in most aljazera videos lately and its been like that for days.
    are the videos going to be released eventually?