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The use of risers to enhance food production in container gardening is a real success story in The Philippines. Jojo ROM, Buklod Tao and others showed that this method belongs to the best practices to combat hunger and malnutrition. This video should convince people in most of the developing countries and in the refugee camps to follow this beautiful example. With a remarkable minimum of irrigation water, a maximum of fresh food can be produced. Congratulations to all my Filippino friends who contribute to the promotion of container gardening. Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofFall Container Gardening from BLACK+DECKERSummer Gardening – Container Gardening BasicsChildren’s Container Water GardeningContainer Gardening, Sprouting & More at Hippocrates Health InstituteMy school video collection container gardening course 2016

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  • Zahid Hossain 1 year ago

    liked. nice video. thank you very much sir.

  • Joan Smith 1 year ago

    How long do the plastic bottles last in the sun?

  • Warong Puchada 1 year ago


  • Rosa Tula 1 year ago


  • Mushtaq Ahmad 1 year ago

    Masha'Allah very nice garden God bless you

  • Ann Sherbert 1 year ago

    Hi guys, please like and share my Gardening Facebook page and help make it a success 🙂

  • Desiree Bryant 1 year ago

    Awesome!!! I still do not understand how we Americans became so lazy and dependent upon stores (corporations killing us) for our food. And why we have hunger our world! I shared on Facebook.

  • Augustin Joe 1 year ago

    It is two months now a trying container gardening as a hobby inspired by your video. How ever I want to know 1. How pests and insects are managed. 2. Also most of my plants seem to be leggy! What wrong have i done. 3. I dont have potting soil. I use manure and some king of selfmade compost.

  • Donna Reeves 1 year ago

    Well Done!

  • Gunjan J 1 year ago

    without fish this is not much of benifit.

  • i kylee 1 year ago

    Nice video!

  • Mária Szili 1 year ago

    Oh, thank you so much Willem, your idea is really nice and I appreciate it very much.

  • AllThings Health 1 year ago

    Thank you for the awesome content. Love to see people exploring how to better themselves .

  • Home Chef Art 1 year ago

    Excellent video! very informative!

  • MeMaTube 1 year ago

    What type of soil use for these container grow, and where we can these soil ? Thanks

  • Jocelyne Charette 1 year ago

    Très belle vidéo surtout très inspirante, merci pour le partage !

  • Upama g 1 year ago


  • sindhuja martha 1 year ago

    Inspiring work