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Rimworld is a sci-fi colony management sim, in which you are charged with guiding three shipwrecked colonists towards founding (and protecting) a colony on a distant rimworld. Mixing the space-western feel of firefly, with the depth of simulation of games such as Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria, Rimworld is enough to delight and challenge both those new to the genre, and veterans to colony management games! ******************** Playlist: Rimworld: Dapperton – Where to buy: Rimwrold is available through the official website – Videos are commentary & transformative in nature, as defined under the ‘Fair Use’ policy of copyright. ******************** Keep in touch via: Twitter: Twitch: Steam: Check the about page for additional information, and my e-mail address 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRimWorld Alpha 8 | Episode 12 | Indoor FarmingVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuDickson Despommier On Vertical Farming#BSF16 Ed Harwoord: With Indoor Farming We’re In Control Of Almost EverythingVertical FarmingUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’

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  • Bo Golden 1 year ago

    Aavak, when you build rooms this big, you want to be careful of people melting batery explosions. It can get very hot unless dealt with quickly.

  • cain308 1 year ago

    oh no! Archibald pulled a Cheney on ShadowWolf!

  • NightRaven 1901 1 year ago

    Aavak, I have a little tip concerning fires approaching your colony from outside: Surrounding your colony with a two-tile-wide concrete firebreak makes you completely immune to fires that start outside of the base, and they're the most common and the most dangerous in terms of damage (wildfires can wreck a base real quick) Naturally, this does nothing much to stop incendiary cannons and such from burning your base down, but there's no real defense against them.

    Hope this is useful mate!

  • Brian Ballsun-Stanton 1 year ago

    For the central area, a flower garden may be nice?

  • Zerakis 1 year ago

    If the elephants don't want to be hunted then they should stop being so tasty.

  • Thalnus 1 year ago

    Still find it amusing that one man can haul an elephant body

  • The Mercemary 1 year ago

    Aavak name someone After me Pls. Nd keep up the good work i love your vids

  • l0rf 1 year ago

    I'd really like a time controlled power switch for sun lamps. Since they don't grow at certain hours anyway, why not turn them off automatically.

  • Edward Nutt 1 year ago

    Into the Cemetery of Death
    Charged the five hundred
    "Forward the Boar Brigade!
    Charge for MrLazyKim!" he said:
    Into the cemetery of Death
    Charged the five hundred.

    Turret to the left of them
    Turret to the right of them
    Power Claws in front of them
    Volley'd and thunder'd;
    Storm'd at with shot and claw,
    Boldly they charged and well,
    Into the jaws of Keegan,
    Into the mouth of Melon-Head
    Charged the five hundred.

    Flash'd all their tusks bare,
    Flash'd as they turn'd in air,
    Goring WillowTerra there,
    Charging an army, while,
    All the viewers wonder'd:
    Plunged in the explosion-smoke
    Right thro' the line they broke;
    ShadowWolf and MoSS
    Reel'd from the tusk stroke
    Shatter'd and sunder'd
    Then they fled back, but not,
    Not the five hundred.

    Turret to the left of them,
    Turret to the right of them,
    Charge rifle behind them
    Volley'd and thunder'd:
    Storm'd at with shot and plasma,
    While boar and meatbag fell,
    That they had died so well
    Came thro' the jaws of Keegan,
    Back from the mouth of Melon-Head

  • Wiking 1 year ago

    Love the new farming area, looks so cozy!
    Cant wait to see storage/kitchen expansion, looking forward to it.

  • Also, aavak can you now trade with the tribe youre in good standing with?

  • Pootmaster1 1 year ago

    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

  • Haha! Trust aavak to orbital drop in one beer! The ultimate delivery service!

  • The MoSS 1 year ago

    New age is upon us, start of the Boar Wars!

  • ab900ify 1 year ago

    Aavak, where you have coolers in multiple block thick walls, you should put a vent directly behind the heat output side of the coolers, to add a bit of durability to the wall. Also, you should build turrets in strategic positions to cut off the escapes of your enemies.

  • Crafty Chicken Gaming 1 year ago

    Aavak what happens when you run out of things you can mine?

  • Roywocket 1 year ago

    Why is Lazykim slow anyway? missing leg or something?

  • At Ikiro 1 year ago

    Re: Bionic Arms and Power Claws
    Save your game before you try this, as I have played with a lot of mods in the past and might be mistaken, but I do remember an announcement and I think it was for vanilla that if you gave a colonist a power claw AND a bionic arm on the same side, they gained a sort of Easter Egg perk called Power Arm. But there are a couple of very extensive bionic mods I've used in the past, it could have been part of those. I just feel like I remember Tynan talking about it in an Alpha Build release video.

  • TheEightshot 1 year ago

    Just a thought: if you built little "sheds" near your turrets you could retreat your characters into them if they got hurt. against man hunters this would make the animals go elsewhere and against raiders it would give you a time buffer to get some help there. just a thought 🙂

    8:59 Aavak: I feel bad about this but i need the meat
    19:05 Game: Lol, here ya go.

    Not entirely sure if the game is TRYING to be helpful or ironic.

  • At Ikiro 1 year ago

    Very clever idea limiting LazyKim to a base region so he can still have a normal set of jobs but just won't wander far at all. I'll have to remember that for my games. One Charge Lance to the head, spine or legs and pretty much every colony ends up with at least one dependent like Kim, sadly. I wish there was a way to have other people help care for them, like walk with them so they can walk faster to meals etc, build them an electric wheel chair, things like that.