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But did they see each other?!? Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for related content… Rihanna and Chris Brown Under Same Roof … With a Twist Rihanna Clubbing with Hot Soccer Stud Karim Benzema Rihanna: Early Breakfast With A Futbol Star! Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran — Fool Me Thrice … Leave Club Together, But … Subscribe! TMZ — Subscribe! TMZ Sports — Subscribe! toofab — NEED MORE? Like us on! Facebook — Follow us! Twitter — Follow us! Tumblr — TMZ on iOS — TMZ on Android — Related PostsWill Chris Push A Man To His Death? | Derren Brown: Pushed to the EdgeChris Brown – Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, UsherDeorro x Chris Brown – Five More Hours (Official Video)Chris Roddick of Bauder talks about green roof and solar energy efficiencyThe Decorologist: Color Sets for a Brown RoofWhat Color Roof Goes With A Brown House?


Green Roofs


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  • BLeagueRapper 1 year ago

    Benzema looks like Drake in this thumbnail

  • lealtad 1 year ago

    Daaamn he stalking RiRi now?!?!?

  • Anthony Wright 1 year ago

    Fcuuuuk Rihanan

  • Fatima Zohra 1 year ago

    Rih isn't chris wife she's free to do what she wants he need to leave her and this isn't new he was stalking her when he was with karate
    Rih is just trying to be nice because she know that chris is crazy and he can do anything he doesn't care if he lose fans or …we was hoping that kar can stay with him and save rih from him but she couldn't do anything now chris is playing with the fire

  • dj Dope 1 year ago

    Is rihanna datein benzema for real ?

  • ROMEY ROME 1 year ago

    LIL PRETTY OG X JUJU CHRIST . Search that now !!!! 

  • enemay 1 year ago

    Chris and Karim DP Riri. Yup it was all planed.

  • skylin9090 1 year ago

    It's probably just coincidence, but either way,
    Rihanna is Gorgeous and she's rich, and she has better Hollywood connections, so why wouldn't Chris Brown want her back. The Karrueche girl has a pretty face, but that's as far as it goes, it would be like screwing a minor which is a disgusting thought. This girl has no breast, no butt, no money, not much of anything except a small budding acting career if you can even call it that. Karrueche the threesome girl was Chris Brown's s concubine, she was his security blanket that's all. It is what it is!

  • Cam Baker 1 year ago

    Chris bro just chill you trying to get rihanna back let me tell you something if I were I would really try to get that fine girl karreuche




  • mary morrison 1 year ago

    We're all under God's roof.

  • Kaylin Isabel 1 year ago

    So big stars,as Nicki Minaj was sayin "If u do something,its gon be on TMZ"

  • TheLawrence05 1 year ago

    Chris Brown is kind of desperate!

  • Hadji Youcef 1 year ago

    Lollll he said that would be a akward threasom ever XD

  • TheBigAppleNYC 1 year ago

    Yo, Anna… enough said…

  • Banj 1 year ago

    Loool man like benzema

  • Bigdickgenius92 1 year ago

    Breezy everywhere these days

  • ElliahxLiisha 1 year ago

    lol these people are too nosey for their own good.

  • money Ova 1 year ago

    I dont understand why people are so interested?