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They say you need to know your limits and be patient. But sometimes, you just gotta send it Check out my new merch! Fresh bodyboarding and surf clips uploaded weekly at Aussie reefs/slabs and beach breaks. Bodyboarding POV with Sony Action Cam and GoPro at gnarly reefs. Check my channel ‘About’ section for a gear list. Riding green walls of death (i.e. massive shorebreak) Related PostsVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsIdeas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsWill Chris Push A Man To His Death? | Derren Brown: Pushed to the EdgeGreen Walls surf movie126 LED hydroponic death lamp.

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  • Gabriel Stewart 11 months ago

    Great vid Willy, did u get out Tuesday anywhere? This spot was enormous Tue. So fun hey, had a sesh on Wed here in the morning

  • Tristan White 11 months ago

    Willy try narrabeen point or little Avalon.

  • Reece Manasseh POV 11 months ago


  • Jake Powell 11 months ago

    When you going back to the reefs i miss the reefs.

  • Jackson_FB 11 months ago

    Yesterday I got my first barrel, it wasn’t big but still pretty cool!

  • Jacob Thompson 11 months ago

    You have got so much better then when you first started

  • Josh John 11 months ago

    So steeeep

  • Joshua Carter 11 months ago

    Post more Willy

  • DMB Animations 11 months ago

    edits are looking verfy nice mr willy sir

  • Anne-Marie Litchfield 11 months ago

    6 ft swell were I ām

  • Mitch Flello 11 months ago

    Clarke Little Willy

  • Joshua Vallee 11 months ago

    Love you WILLY, I'm working on my barrel riding down here in FLORIDA

  • Please tell me if you know a good doctor they say I only have 20 days to bodyboard now I have been diagnosed with surfer-dude-itis

  • Jack Fenton 11 months ago

    Man u have to sit higher up on the wave and further out your starting way to deep and everything is shutting down on u keep up the good work

  • Aaron Brockert 11 months ago

    Come to Hawaii! Shorebreak fires

  • frank beans 11 months ago

    I have a big willy.
    How do you get so many views you kook?
    Good waves, good edits. You know how to click bait that's for sure.
    For some reason I watch your videos all the time even though the waves are so small haha
    Good work, keep it up willy!

  • Fishy Fingers 11 months ago


  • | Ride.the.Flow | 11 months ago

    yeee some mackers!!!