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It’s so important to get kids out in the garden but how do we inspire them? The RHS Campaign for School Gardening Outreach Officer Alison Findlay invited us to a teacher training day for PGCE students at the Edith Cavell Academy in Norwich to find out how to include plant science in the school day. All for National Gardening Week on Mustard TV. Video Rating: / 5 Start the school year with a mission to get your students outside. What better way than with a garden! School gardens provide the context for lessons across subjects and offer a wonderful opportunity to engage students in hands-on, project-based learning. Students who engage in school gardening are likely to experience academic, physical, emotional, social, and even behavioral benefits. School gardens not only benefit students, but they can also benefit birds! In this webinar, educators will: – Learn the key steps to setting up and maintaining successful school gardens. – Discover how simple changes and additions can make a garden more bird friendly. – Address several challenges school gardeners may face. – Learn about the BirdSleuth Garden Grant application process. Helpful Links: BirdSleuth Garden Grant: Habitat Network: NestWatch: Nature Works Everywhere: For more information, email Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCampaign for School GardeningJoin – Gardening For Teachers For School GardenersThe English Gardening SchoolSchool Garden Teacher Training at OAECSchool Garden Teacher Trainingगॉर्डनर माली ट्रेनिंग गॉर्डनर सर्टिफ़िकेट Mali or Gardener certificate or Gardening training certifi

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