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We got our hands on a Garden Tower 2 from the Garden Tower Project, and we’ve published this video review for you to enjoy! More info at: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningA hydroponic alternative: Review of the Garden Tower 2 from Mary Crouse (Texas)GT2 as a Salad Machine: Review of the Garden Tower 2 from David G. (California)Garden Tower Project reviewGarden Tower 2 ReviewReview of the Garden Tower 2 by Daniel — Alberta, Canada

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  • Sandra flemming 1 year ago

    Would this product be useful under a blazing tropical weather, I live in the Caribbean.

  • Outa ThisWorld 1 year ago

    I have eight of these. The lower two rings seem not to grow well due to watering issues. You have to use potting soil that drains well. Overall pretty happy with them. Have to water them everyday.

  • June ribaldi 1 year ago

    Im super Loving mine Highly recommend them

  • frzzlfry66 1 year ago

    So, since the 'core' is there for compost/worm food material, I assume you used a potting mix without any added, slow release fertilizer? It's kind of difficult around here to find such a mix in larger quantities. What mix did you use, and where did you get it?

  • judith grossbier 1 year ago

    LOVE mine. Bought mine with its KickStarter last year.
    Good to know you are putting it on your porch, as, when full, it will truly sink into the earth. Have fun with it!