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Watch “The Adventures of Skeeter & Scratch!”: Have you ever thought of gardening with pigs? Result of “Pigs in the Garden” Update June 5,2016. When you start a new garden from prairie grass it is really difficult to get the garden in shape with natural, organic methods simply due to the amount of roots and seeds in the soil. The soil is often very low in nitrogen as well. Putting movable pens for the pigs in the garden area works really well. The hogs root up all of the roots and most of the seeds and then chickens come along behind them and clean up more of the seeds and insect larva. A side benefit of this is the pigs turning all of the roots and feed into high quality fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. The growth of the garden shows the results for itself! Watch “Peppa Pig’s Garden? No….”: PLEASE SHARE, comment and subscribe! Don’t forget to click the thumbs up button! Patreon: TAD: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Google+: Famebite Sponsorships: Related PostsKids Garden Vegetable Plants Update June 2015 | Homestead KidsPeppa Pig’s Garden Part 1 – best iPad app demos for kidsJuly Vegetable Garden and Homestead UpdatePeppa Pig’s Garden ✿ Learn Fruits, Vegetables, Sorting for Kids & Toddlers ✿ Full Gameplay EpisodeVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 2 December Excellent ResultVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 11 November Excellent Result

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  • david clarke 4 years ago

    hi you are doing good

  • Okie usa 4 years ago

    Yep, looking good!

  • Torby4019 4 years ago

    The okra seems to be doing well. Alas :D

  • Barry Crowson 4 years ago

    I enjoyed seeing your big wide open spaces, while we enjoy our life here in Sherwood, we don't have your big skies, I was surprised to see you have wild deer.
    Kind regards.

  • okie-dokie acres 4 years ago

    looks like you are going to have a good yr

  • Kiki Ski 4 years ago

    Your gardens look fantastic my friend!! I am very impressed with how well everything is growing this year for you and that you are almost able to harvest some zucchini already. We haven't even been able to put anything into our garden yet until the risk of frost is gone…usually by mid June!!  Nothing quite like those rototilling pigs…they do wonders for a patch of ground!!  I love that your kids are all such great workers in the garden, and genuinely love doing all they do in it. Such a great work ethic…wonderful to see.!! Thanks for sharing this garden update with us my friend….two thumbs up!  : )

  • wizard1396 4 years ago

    You guys are so lucky, I have never been able to get pigs to sprout no matter how much I watered and fertilized them 🙂 Rain is good as long as it does not come all at once and flood everything.

  • José Albino Venâncio 4 years ago

    Hello. Really nature is wonderful. We must have the wisdom to use it.

  • Robert Rehm 4 years ago

    Was wondering if you use solor for your electric? I find that interesting and would like
    to learn more about it.

  • Ken Saber 4 years ago

    I always learn something from your videos. Today I learned the benefits pigs can have on gardens. Keep up the good work!

  • The garden looks to have survived the deluge of flood waters very well. All of you Homestead Kids have "green thumbs". Were you able to harvest the red potatoes that were exposed by the heavy rain? If I remember correctly, potatoes that are allowed to sit in saturated soil, can blister. Awesome video, looking forward to seeing some squash harvested pretty soon.
    i can see Caitlin's pole barn in the background in one scene. Thanks for sharing.

  • Eddie Martinez 4 years ago

    With the pig's and the rain your doing good. What about that head job on the red truck?

  • Gay Dungan 4 years ago

    great garden video hope grows good . I have small garden what's planted is doing well I still have kale from fall garden.

  • Penny Swaney 4 years ago

    Everything is settled back down after the flood. Sky I love squash, my most favorite veggie and yours is really growing. All of you must have green thumbs, I am going to have to watch and see. Thumbs up. If you get rain, hope it is a nice slow soak in rain, not a flood. My area will be getting rain tonight from the storms headed in the gulf. You will probably also get the tail end of the storm. Can't complain, we really, really need the rain. Papa I found three small farms with raw cows milk. I was really surprised that goats milk were double the price of the cows milk. Hopefully will check it out after the storms pass.

  • Solar And Wind Not Grid Tied 4 years ago

    hey got some new folks for you to get to know.

  • Kenneth Higgins 4 years ago

    looking great everyone, 2 Thumbs Up. =)

  • crizzey100 4 years ago

    Would you use the B.T or D.T dust on cherry trees ? and can you buy it or is it home made ? I have three cherry trees I planted this year and something is putting little holes in the leaves there never there when I look so II don't know even what kind of bugs they are ! HELP !!! LOL !

  • Off Grid Kid 4 years ago

    Great garden! You and your kids know how to grow a garden! :)

  • Fred Aldridge 4 years ago

    So pleased for you guys the garden is looking great. Glad Hannah's corn recovered and you are keeping on top of the pests with your BT. Never had pigs in the garden but we used to raise rabbits and my dad would make a slurry out of their droppings and the garden always grew very well. A big thumbs up Google + and Facebook shared.

  • Mickel Forde 4 years ago

    Hi From Ireland.
    Great Vids
    Hope you reach a million Subs