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Replacing your RV roof with a Dicor Roof Membrane and EPDM Installation Kit. Each component in the kit is formulated, tested and proven in the field to work in combination to create an excellent bond. Dicor Roofing Membranes: Brite-Ply Rubber Roofing: BriteTEK Roof Membrane: DiFlex II TPO Roof Membrane: Dicor Installation Kit: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWaterproofing a Flat Roof with Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof MembraneGreen Roof Membrane Installation Part 1Roof & Balcony Waterproofing Membrane – Instant Grass is a great idea!ARDEX WPM 615 TPO Roofing Membrane – Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Green Roof SystemReplacing a Retractable Awning’s Fabric – Removal & InstallationLiquid applied roofing membrane Sikalastic 851 R

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  • Rachel Thompson 5 months ago

    Dicor is a brand name but it's still EPDM which can be had cheaper at any commercial roofing supply. Dicor caulk isn't the be all end all, like all rubber/ butyl based produces it drys out and cracks and must be maintained. People often misuse it making it less effective. OSI rubber works better if applied correctly.

  • Stevie Avant 5 months ago

    I am about to replace the vinyl roof on my slide out on my TV. does anyone have any suggestions or comments that could be helpful.

  • Robert Cray 5 months ago

    You need to fire who makes your videos…..

  • Carolyn's RV Life 5 months ago

    Wow, great info. Thank you! I love dicor products. Getting ready to remove and replace all my trim and waterproof my old RV. thanks!

  • no sealant under/between the roof and the mouldings?? would make sense to have a gasket at this location instead of just gooping lap sealant on top. would last way longer

  • John Bruce 5 months ago

    What does this cost to have done?

  • JJKHaywood 5 months ago

    Cool, This will be done soon to my Tioga.

  • Erik80 5 months ago

    Chad leadbetter has better tips to doing your roof without leaving tons of air bubbles or glue blob bulges don't try to do so much roof at once but more like 3-4 ft sections and finding a stapler that does the beefy 1/2 inch is a pain…

  • Garrett Snodgrass 5 months ago

    Thanks for the great video and great products!

  • john rogo 5 months ago

    great video very educational

  • Robert Merriweather 5 months ago


  • fleurette mcnabb 5 months ago

    Excellent video, very clear, concise, and educational Thank you