Sailrite no longer sews finished retractable awning panels, but will provide a quote for the items you will need to sew it yourself. Contact us for a quote regarding a “sew it yourself” retractable awning kit. Send an email to: and include the width and projection measurement of your awning and the color fabric you want to use. Use this link to pick your fabric:

You can easily replace your retractable awning’s fabric with a brand new Sunbrella awning. Sailrite sells all the materials you need to make your own replacement retractable awning panel. We also have a tutorial video showing how to sew it up yourself:

Replacing a Retractable Awning’s Fabric – Removal & Installation Chapters:
• Taking Measurements — 0:37 min
• Removing Old Awning Fabric — 1:06 min
• Installing New Awning Fabric – 3:55 min

Watch this video to see how to sew your own retractable awning:
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Replacing a Retractable Awning’s Fabric – Removal & Installation

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  • Luke Cheesman

    My favourite part was looking at your nicely faded Rolex coke. Great vid. Going to change my old fabric out now and wanted a quick how to. Thanks lads.

  • Danielle Lapointe

    My husband and I just finished reinstalling our awning, thanks to your video. Many thanks. We are now looking for a motor for this awning. Does anyone know a company who sells them? We are in Montreal, Canada, but would consider ordering if too far.

  • melissa wyckoff

    It's a nice video, it fails to mention the need to reprogram and set the limits each time a recover is done on a retractable with an electric motor. Walking through costumers on that one can sometimes be a challenging event.

  • Madhu M

    Hi , I tried to follow the instructions and after I secure the awning arms tight with rope I tried open up awning in order to remove the old fabric and saw something did not hold the awning arms tight so closed the awning back and tried to open up and this time my awning won't retract /close fully on the right side but sure what happened at all …. can you help ?


    FYI, I just called the company and they no longer make kits by order for you to replace the cloth on your awning. They'll sell you the fabric, thread, etc. to sew your own- ridiculous! Buzzman Awnings in FL will still make custom kits.

  • RumpleXstillXskin

    With little modification could the fabric be turned around …what I mean is put the valance end in the roller and vice versa ?

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