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Find out about the fascinating process of growing rice in the paddy fields, and the perfect conditions it needs to thrive. For resources and activities to accompany this video, visit our website: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic farming: Smoking rice husks in hydroponic trough systemRice Indoor FarmingHydroponic Medium: Aged Rice Hullsorganic farming-new rice strain discovery and hydrophonics farming in the philippines.AVIWomen rice farmers of AfricaEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • Rubber-Johnny 1 year ago

    I bet those planters and pickers develop dreadful back problems.

  • pavan naidu 1 year ago

    tesco please dont show wrong map of India .

  • Anita Pilgrim 1 year ago

    ok this is a good video but how do you start the rice or does it come from a seed or do you use a grain of rice is self how do you grow it to the Riesling I'm not understanding

  • Eli Kuzmić 1 year ago

    cave a snow, what means, same yellow, but different on jelly . little more punch inside no meter a slide of water. clean , and not devastation on it. clea.r

  • Binh Nguyen 1 year ago

    This video is very usefull for agriculture student as I am. Thanks all.

  • Caius Filimon 1 year ago

    Really nice and smooth video! Great job with it!

  • MalevolentGod91 1 year ago

    Really no comments ? ….. First