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Founder of Innovative Gardening Product Talks Creating Jobs VISIT OUR SITE: SUBSCRIBE! WATCH MORE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Claire Reid, the founder of Reel Gardening in Africa, explains her “seed strip” product and says how she got her start developing the idea. Additionally, Reid spoke on employing people rather than machines in order to make a positive impact. AFKInsider is a premier website dedicated to covering African news from a business perspective. From agribusiness to entrepreneurs, AFKInsider hones in on the business developments and economic forces guiding the African marketplace today. Not only does AFKInsider give investors a lens unto the driving forces of the African economy but also informs general interest readers of the individuals and trends fostering the continent’s explosive growth. — Reel Gardening Founder Talks Creating Jobs | Part 1 of 3 Related PostsEP Nov. 11, 2012: Slow Food-Miami: Community Based Food Production, Creating New “Green’ JobsVegetable Gardening jobs for May – Which? GardeningJobs For The Summer – Gardening Jobs TO Be DoneHeather Talks About My Free Organic Gardening CourseVegetable Gardening jobs for April – Which? GardeningVegetable gardening jobs for August – Which? Gardening

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  • stoffer03 1 year ago

    This is actually a incredibly interesting project you have going here. I especially like the whole manual labour to create more jobs, especially in continents/countries where they are needed.