To reduce the high recidivism rate in America requires giving second chances to men and women returning from prison. One way to do this is hiring and offering green collar jobs and turn-key entrepreneurial opportunities to returning citizens through the creation of indoor, vertical farms – or “plant factories”. Ajit Mathew George is the founder of Second Chances Farm, LLC, ( which plans to grow pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fresh, local organic produce within low-income, food deserts and minimize the carbon footprint of transporting produce with the assistance of returning citizens. He takes you through his accidental journey of connecting food, farming, and felons. Sometimes a little compassionate capitalism is all it takes to get a Second Chance and nurture people, plants and our planet one green thumb at a time.
Ajit Mathew George is a serial entrepreneur, creative marketer, veteran TEDx organizer, food &wine aficionado,philanthropistand certified Dream Builder™ Life Coach whodivides his time between Wilmington, Delaware and Virgin Gorda, BVI. He has over 40years of experience in creative marketing, strategic planning,and business development in variousarenas from broadcasting and eventsto non-profits and real estate development.Ajit is the founder ofSecond Chances Farm, LLC,an organization focused onhiring and giving turn key entrepreneurial opportunities to people returning from prison after serving their sentences through the creation of indoor, vertical farms –or “plant factories.” Second Chances plans to produce organic produce,year-round,in local communities and minimize the carbon footprint of transporting produce This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Reducing Recidivism through Second Chances with Vertical Farms | Ajit George | TEDxRoadTown

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