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Acquiring equipment for gardening can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a list of items you can reuse and recycle in your garden. Most of us care for the environment and recycle what we can. However, there are so many ways to repurpose otherwise useless junk in your garden. In this video we identify common household items which can be reused and demonstrate how to adapt them to benefit your plants. If you love growing your own food, why not take a look at our online Garden Planner which is available from several major websites and seed suppliers: and many more… To receive more gardening videos subscribe to our channel here: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts17 MORE Brilliant FREE Vegetable Gardening Hacks | Productive and Easy Garden Hacks10 Ways to Make your Vegetable Garden More Productive in 2017…and Beyond!How to Build A Sunken Container Vegetable Garden: All the Steps – Save Resource, Money & Grow More!Cram More Into Your City Vegetable Garden!Productive Small Space Urban Vegetable Garden Update#1 Secret to a MORE resilient vegetable garden

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  • Shawn Van Doren 5 years ago

    I recycle old commercial tomato cages by removing the top, wrapping the shorter cage with chicken wire and placing around plants that need protecting (or for identifying perennial plants when they have no leaves).

  • Chris Zappe 5 years ago


  • Aprille Mraur 5 years ago

    I love using old boots as funky planters for marigolds (though I certainly wouldn't grow any food crops in them).

  • Angela Gray 5 years ago

    I'm so happy to have your videos to learn from???

  • Johnny English 5 years ago

    If I found out someone had fed me potatoes grown in car tyres I would punch their face in?

  • laughter 5 years ago

    "green tea" is working wonders for my garden as a fertiliser, Russian comfrey is apparently best, but I don't have any of that (cheeky request…..anyone want to send me some Russian comfrey?). If you go out and collect some stinging nettles, put them in bucket, add water, leave it for 3 or four weeks, you will end up with a nitrogen filled liquid fertiliser for free, it absolutely stinks but the plants love it.?

  • Nicholas Duvall 5 years ago

    Some of these ideas, although complete common sense, have eluded me completely.

  • Ms Margarite 5 years ago

    Recycling Ideen f

  • Nominem Nominandum 5 years ago

    Da hatte jemand fast dieselben Ideen wie wir. Das ist eine gute

  • Kim Wright 5 years ago
  • kirsten jensen 5 years ago

    I cut up old mini-blind vinyl slats to make plant markers. I make one end pointed and use a permanent marker to write the plant name on it?

  • Rachel H 5 years ago

    I recently learned that plastic is a endocrine distruptor and it was recommended to remove all things plastic. Even though these are very creative ideas for growing food, I question if it is healthy, growing food in plastic containers and when the sun warms them, they will leach their chemicals. Example: it is not recommended to drink water that comes from plastic bottles. During transportation or sitting in front of the store, with sunlight hitting them, they leach their chemicals in the water etc. Do a Google search to find out more about the harmful chemical that plastic emits.?

  • Hans Quistorff 5 years ago

    I recycle discarded carpet (1) to cover beds in the winter to hold down the mulch while letting the rain in and protecting the soil from freezing. (2) as soil cover between melon and squash/pumpkin plants, suppresses weeds and keeps the fruit off the dirt..(3) as pathways in my greenhouse (4) to lay on when working on my tractor. (5) as insulation for the north side of the greenhouse with the padding for this one. can be rolled up for ventilation on sunny days.?

  • Rob Backyard Gardenerr 5 years ago

    Awesome ideas! I think I'll be looking around the yard and garage for possible planter candidates!?

  • theIAMofME 5 years ago
  • HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead 5 years ago

    I re-use pallets, corrugated tin, cardboard, old windows, old wood — so much stuff.?

  • umair ahmed 5 years ago

    this is amazing?

  • TheAmusingMe 5 years ago

    Excellent video!

  • GrowVeg 5 years ago