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In this video I share with you guys a new style of growing food in a simple cost effective raised bed garden. Make sure to visit to find out more about the 7 Trumpets of Revelation, The Creators Calendar and much more. Off Grid living is what you desire and independence? Then contact us at and we can help make your dreams a reality. For all your preparedness needs visit Epic Survival and Tactical gear delivered to your door step monthly Looking for Alternative Energy for your prepping needs? Offering solutions for applications in Solar, Wind and more visit: Want to grow your own food with a Geodesic greenhouse dome?Then visit for an affordable solution specializing in greenhouses, chicken tractors and more. Apocabox! Hand selected survival tools The subscription box for homesteaders INTRO THUNDER BY:Mark DiAngelo INTRO/OUTRO SOUNDS AND MUSIC PROVIDED BY:POND5.COM Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts85 Creative DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas 2017 – Cheap Recycled Pallet – Chair Bed Table SofaRECYCLED VEGETABLE GARDENING. Plant Your Butt In Your Garden.ORGANIC GARDENING: A DIY TIP FOR GARDENERS USING PALLETS!!200 DIY Ideas recycle reuse pallet, recycle wooden pallets recycling furniture desk garden projectsDesign Your Own Recycled Metal Garden Art | Gardening | Great Home IdeasUrban Vegetable Gardening Recycled Plastic Container Video

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  • Ruairi Fahy Sullivan 10 months ago

    you should try bottle towers for growing as well…………they take up so little room and you can get alot out of them

  • Cmdr Pertanga 10 months ago

    Love your accent, and excellent idea, thanks 🙂

  • Not a Farm Girl: a Homestead Adventure 10 months ago

    I love this idea! Thanks.

  • Kevin Burgess 10 months ago

    great idea. I've always had a problem keeping rows of seedlings straight (no farmer I). What about the chemical contamination from old pallets? I though the wooden ones had formaldehyde issues?

  • glassyglenda 10 months ago

    I have used the method to grow my salad greens for the last couple of years.  I love it.

  • swatnc 10 months ago

    Great idea never thought of it

  • Chris Hutchings 10 months ago

    I love your videos I own The Prophecy Club on Facebook I share them. 🙂

  • BC ElginTex 10 months ago

    I wonder how strawberries would do in a vertical pallet garden … or maybe diagonal pallet.  LOL.  I might experiment with diagonal at different angles.