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1. Various of herders standing by road while cattle graze 2. Various of cattle grazing 3. Herders walking with cattle 4. Lady carrying container of water with cattle in background 5. Two young herders in the road 6. Various of of street-life in Moyale District 7. Various of Elema Bonja and family in small village in Moyale District 8. Close-up Elema’s face, covered in flies 9. SOUNDBITE (Oromo) Elema Bonja, Ethiopian nomadic herder/ Pastoralist “Before this drought we had a lot of cattle and enough water and food to survive. I’ve never seen this kind of death before. Previously the recovery was much faster, the situation is getting really serious.” 10. Various of green pastures 11. Various of skinny cattle walking 12. Jatanee Sora, Project Officer, GAYO (Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative sponsored by Oxfam) reading documents outside office 13. Close-up Jatani’s hands flicking through documents 14. SOUNDBITE (Oromo) Jatanee Sora, Project Officer, GAYO (Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative sponsored by Oxfam): “If the drought cycle is every 2 to 3 years, it will be difficult for people to survive on their livestock and pastoralism will become unsustainable. Herders will be forced to diversify if they want to be able to make a living and educate their children.” 15. Wide shot of sack of grain and child standing next to it 16. Medium shot of sack 17. Various of father and son walking with goat 18. Man adjusting wrap at side of road 19. Man with home-made wheelbarrow 20. Various of chickens and cockerels in yard 21. Various of Tari Bonja, herder, at his farm 22. Various of cattle carcasses at Tari’s farm 23. Tari standing in front of mud-hut with family in background 24. Wide shot of Tari’s family 25. Various of child sleeping in woman’s lap 26. Woman with baby […]

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