The rooms of the house where space becomes the protagonist, provide plasterboard walls that can rework the concept of modern minimalism adapted to your personal stylistic and logistic needs. Consequently, the lighting could be the product of practical recessed spotlights for plasterboard. Easy to apply, they will be able to create the right atmosphere in a home with essential tones. The plasterboard will be engraved by taking the measurements of the spotlight, which will then be installed and connected to an electrical system that will give life to refined lighting. The distance between the various spotlights should be the same in order to create a fascinating visual effect characterized by a sense of continuity and to be able to illuminate evenly, without creating shadow areas.

Recessed spotlights in plasterboard

Recessed spotlights Recessed spotlights are not very expensive. Of course, their cost depends on the light output and finishes, but in general they come with affordable prices. A basic model can cost around 1 – 1.50 euros, while the less economical ones, more powerful in brightness, can exceed 10 euros. The orientable spotlights available on the market have a slightly higher cost than the fixed ones. In addition, some models have bronzed or chromed outlines, with a difference in price of a few euro cents. The models with spring fins, ideal for installation in false ceilings and mezzanines, cost around 5 euros. Recessed spotlights at competitive prices can be purchased by taking the right information also through online stores.

Ikea spotlight A large retailer where you can buy competitively priced products from Ikea. Ikea recessed spotlights come with integrated protections that allow them to be installed without ad hoc insulation systems. They are adjustable spotlights so that you can reflect the light in the desired direction. They have also been tested to ensure maximum efficiency in any place, both inside and outside the home. They can also be placed in the bathroom, for example in a false ceiling above the mirror, to create more lighting during daily hygiene practices. The upholstery available in white or black, with the body in steel. The recommended usable bulbs are led, they are sold separately and are compatible with the energy class A ++ up to D, excluding E.

Recessed spotlights for outdoors In order to be able to enter your home in the evening without visibility problems and to always have a clear view of the garden, the external lighting system is fundamental. Through the recessed spotlights for outdoor you can easily shed light in any place, thanks to systems that connect the spotlights to electricity. They can be placed high above the front door of the house or at the bottom of a small road that connects different points of the house to the garden. If you have a swimming pool, spotlights placed along the perimeter would enhance its aesthetics by becoming an elegant ornament. Recessed outdoor spotlights are the ideal solution to your need to create the right lighting because they focus the light where it is needed.


Recessed spotlights – Garden lighting

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