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It’s been a while since i’ve had a chance to sit down and share my favorites- i’ve got a bunch for you today! Products Mentioned: Arnica Massage Oil Relaxing Lavender Oil Skin Food Han Skincare Cosmetics Shadow GoodBeing Natural Subscription Box Sigma E-35 Brush Real Techniques 203 Tapered Shadow Brush Honest Co Face & Body Lotion Honest Company Kid’s Calcium & D3 Supplement OFF The Honest Company Shakeology: (Email me- If you’d like more info on ingredients, pricing, and how to get a Beachbody program at a huge discount when your ordering Shakeology!) LINKS» MAMA CHANNEL »» BEAUTY CHANNEL »» INSTAGRAM »» TWITTER»» FACEBOOK »» FAQ Links & Coupons CLOTH DIAPERS»» MY PRENATALS»» ESSENTIAL OILS»» OFF VITACOST»» OFF HONEST CO / FREE TRIAL»» FREE JULEP NAILPOLISH BOX»» NATURAL FOOD BOX»» DISCOUNTED NATURAL MAKEUP»» CASH BACK FOR SHOPPING ONLINE»» Music by Some links in my description bar may be affiliate links & some videos are sponsored. Thank you so much for supporting my family while allowing me to share what we love! As always please feel free to email me ( with questions or for more specifics about anything i’ve mentioned. 🙂 Related PostsIndoor Tower Garden Harvest – My Most RecentPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewJust Kids Career Day CateringVegetable Gardening : Vegetable Garden Ideas for KidsColegio Garden Kids – Día del MaestroJoan Dye Gussow – About Her Garden, Kids & Nature

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  • Jessica A 1 year ago

    Weleda rosemary hair oil is one of the best hair products I've used for my wavy hair. I highly recommend it!

  • Cami Ene 1 year ago

    My baby suffers from eczema and we had many trials with personal care products for her. The only body wash that keeps her eczema under control is the Weleda.

  • nicibbo 1 year ago

    I used the Weleda Baby Calendula cream for my daughter for a diaper barrier/rash cream when she was born, she is now 25 years old and uses it on my grandson who was born last year, its a lovely cream.

  • S&J Reinke 1 year ago

    You are such a light, your so joyful with your 4 kids and it is inspiring! Thanks for your videos!

  • A McGuire 1 year ago

    Mushroom compost from a landscape yard will fill your garden in. We get a huge load for $42 at our fav place here in East Tn. Very economical and amazing for plants.

  • Chelsea Brogdon 1 year ago

    I love to mix the weleda lotion with fractionated coconut or sweet almond oil and apply to my body when I get out of the bath. I love your channel! Xxo

  • Kranzinator28 1 year ago

    i love weleda skin food!

  • Melissa Mayne 1 year ago

    What do you think about the controversy that continues to be around the honest co?I have stopped using there products bc I don't feel they are as "honest" as they say they are.

  • veggielove84 1 year ago

    The Weleda baby body wash and shampoo is amazing

  • Christina Wood 1 year ago

    I just signed up for birch box, I'm trying to find some new makeup for my skin since its so sensitive and I want to keep things natural. Would you be able to do a video of your favorite makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.) at the moment? Or maybe just list them out?

  • Kimberly Berrien 1 year ago

    Definitely need to try that Skin Food! I have very bad eczema on my hands as well and NOTHING has helped, and I've finally found one medication that does, but I try to use it as little as possible because I try to be as natural as I can, but it's really hard. I don't know if you've mentioned anything about it in any videos, but is there anything else you do to help your eczema aside from this cream? Is it really bad or is it just mild eczema?

  • JAIMIE KIGHT 1 year ago

    The Welleda sea salt toothpaste is THE BEST. Seriously so good.

  • Jackie Padgett 1 year ago

    Do you vaccinate your children? I'm having #3 and really wanting input

  • lauren rogers 1 year ago

    love the café latte Shakeology! My favorite is café latte with a little cinnamon blended in. I'm really excited to get an honest company order in. The idea of my cleaning and toiletries arriving at my door without having to shop is SUPER appealing.

  • czarina0981 1 year ago

    I love their natural deodorant!! I swear by it , the citrus flavor 🙂 

  • Anna-Lena S 1 year ago

    As Weleda is a German brand it's quite popular here. I love Their calendula baby bath. It smells amazing and calms your baby and helps With irritated skin as well.

  • Emily-Kate Kuhs 1 year ago

    I love the Weleda Calendula oil for babies, so soothing and beautifully scented.