Added by on 2017-04-12 (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) (Our new social media website, similar to Facebook.) Video Rating: / 5 I decided to experiment and learn about growing my own organic vegetables indoors this winter. I was able to find all of the information I needed to get started from other peoples’ YouTube videos. Everything from the equipment and tools required as well as how to set them up. Also how to harvest my own seeds, plant them and care for them. This is the sixth video. Almost 5 weeks after planting my first seeds/bulbs, my plants continue to grow and I’ve just added some more lighting and rearranged my plants to give them some more space. I will continue to add more video updates as the growth of my plants progresses. So far, this has been very simple, inexpensive and fun! Anyone can grown their own fresh herbs and veggies indoors! Related PostsSoil-Less Farming | Aquaponic Gardening – Growing Fish and Vegetables Together | Annapurna |TV5 NewsHow to Grow Vegetables Indoors in a PotGrow Your Vegetables Indoors! – Saves you money! – Bitsy’s Quick TipsTop 6 Struggles of Growing Herbs Indoors (w/ solutions)!!!🌿🌿🌿 // Garden AnswerBachupally Police Farming Vegetables | Roof Gardening | V6 NewsGrowing Greens Indoors During Winter, including Sprouting Seeds

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  • This intro is way more awesome than your newer one… need a new one for FL bro! Thanks for your videos

  • TheXander093 2 years ago

    Just obey the government and you will be fine

  • MrNailz82 2 years ago

    they often raid places like this .look at the resources they used, man hours etc.This country is going down the shi—-

  • 1titanking 2 years ago

    Fiucking pigs

  • Jacquie Walton 2 years ago

    The Guy in Oregon received a thirty day prison sentence for collecting rain water out of his pond
    And the women that received a 345.00 fine for letting her three year old draw on.a Rock.with sidewalk chalk
    Illegal Everything with John Strossel
    Utah passed a law you have to Register Every Potted plant in.your home
    pay a fee.
    Someone in Tennessee said if they tried that there They'll Shoot em!
    I thought that was funny!!!
    At my job I'm.not allowed to talk about anything that's Not Scripted.

  • Ramiel 2 years ago

    Well if you grow your own food that is like printing money, and you violate the rights of the occupying bank that has taken over USA… how horrible for the bankers!
    Of course they will use their dark alley bruisers to come and get you.

  • 3warsGunsmithing 2 years ago

    How the heck were they being monitored in the first place? Did it have anything to do with the smart meters that have been installed all over the Country? I sent a letter to my electric company stating that I did not want to have the new smart meter installed in my house because that was illegal wire tapping and monitoring of equipment. They said that it does not monitor anything. I call bs on that because they can determine just what devices that you should shut off to save money.

  • ser45her 2 years ago

    Grow light manufacturers needs to be shutdown

  • jamezbond78 2 years ago

    Maybe because they live in the United Socialist States of Oregon? I'm just asking!

  • mark phillips 2 years ago

    the suns a grow light

  • miketv 2 years ago

    You're protected by the 4th amendment. Essentially, you should have some sort of agreement with your power company, saying that they can use Meter A to monitor your power usage in Manner A.
    If they switch to Meter B or monitor you in Manner B, they need to negotiate a new contract.
    If they switch without your agreement, they're guilty of unreasonable search & invasion of privacy.

    Mine is locked. They're just a company. This is how MI homeowners are resisting. Look around for videos

  • 999manman 2 years ago

    Omigosh! Squash? And TOMATOES???? Think of the children!!!!

  • rjhyden 2 years ago

    Glad to see you got out of FLA. This stuff is common as fleas on a dog. The raid , that is.
    It got publicity because they were ex CIA. It`s a revenue stream, you already know that.

  • edu ed 2 years ago

    They are very lucky. Usually when they make these kinds of mistake they plant "evidence".
    I think the police should be thanked for their honesty.

  • brown55061 2 years ago

    Here in Ohio they stared putting digital meters on some of the houses and they openly stated they could monitor your home and know how many "grow lights" were running in your house at all times. I am trying to grow tomatoes, peppers and lettuce indoors in containers in my basement so I wonder how long until I get raided. They'll have to get past my viscous 6 pound dog lol.

  • unameitltd 2 years ago

    triangle dinner bells are available on ebay

  • savgal1211 2 years ago

    Another reason to NEVER use afrequent buyers card at any store, and USE CASH!!

  • savgal1211 2 years ago

    i thought that the meter was OWNED by the power Co? i do like the idea.. If it is O K to do..

  • PastorDowell 2 years ago

    Old School dinner alarm. It is just amazing and sick at the same time. Getting raided for growing your own food. That is off the chain. Amazing. One thing is for sure, if you work for the government, when your done, you are their enemy!

  • Sety777 2 years ago

    Lets all plant marihuana 🙂