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Real Seeds website. The real seeds catalogue. BRILLIANT!!

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  • Rebecca Kirkham

    Hi Dan…..
    I really love this company, such an interesting collection of unusual seeds. I did an eyes too big for belly order some weeks ago – i now have lots of interesting veggies growing. I have the Manchester table carrots in at the mo!! My Aztec broccoli is coming on a treat. Looking forward to updates from you xxx

  • mark lawrence

    Been using Real Seeds for 5 or 6 years now,have never known such high germination rates on a consistant basis from any other company. I can highly recommend the carrot variety Touchon I`m in my second season with them and they are delicious and I managed to store them in good condition from October to May this year.
    Happy Gardening.

  • Roberta Crochet

    Thanks for sharing this one! I’ll see if they ship to the US, but even if they don’t it looks like a great place to learn… not only about the seeds and how to grow them, but how to be better humans.

  • North London Allotment

    I think I found this company when you last did a film about them? They are my favourite and preferred seed company now.

  • Kiyarose3999

    Ive never bought Seeds so not sure how things are re Organic? would they have a selection of Organic seeds?

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