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Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey starts the show with a suggestion sent in by a viewer. Richard shows how to use a common wire nut to save a partially-used tube of caulk and demonstrates a new replacement caulk tip. Then, general contractor Tom Silva helps a pair of homeowners replace the worn-out roof on an old garage. Together, they tear off the old roof, lay down felt paper, and re-shingle the roof using new asphalt-fiberglass shingles. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Next episode: How to Vent a Bath Fan Through a Roof: How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof: Follow This Old House: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: Instagram: Tumblr: Video Rating: / 5 Replacing shingle roof, how to place new roof, how to remove old roof, how to remove flashings, Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc have been in roof repair industry for over 22 years and we have learned in this time specifics of South Florida climate weather. This knowledge allows us along with magnificent data of photographs dating on average eight years on every house in Broward to offer best solutions to each and individual problem associated with your roof scenario. Skilled technicians along with experience roofing advisors give you certainty that your roof is in good hands. Company operates separate divisions – residential repairs and roof replacements. See more : or call us 954 485 5922 Fort Lauderdale roofing roofing Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors Fort Lauderdale roof repair Fort Lauderdale roofers Fort Lauderdale roofing companies in Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale roofers Fort Lauderdale roofer roofing contractor Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors roofing company Fort Lauderdale roofing Fort Lauderdale FL roofer Fort Lauderdale Fort […]

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    by the time these guy are done roofing this house its going to need a new roof again its 3 tab you may get 20 yrs of life?


    thats the old way of roofing way 30 40 years ago when istalling 3tab?


    your making it so comlicated for those home owners i gess no one there does roofing install for a living please look at how we do it in the north west?


    what about the lines on roof felt he installed paper the wrong side this guy takes to long the roof gun has the size you need to roof all?


    in oregon roofing is done so diffrent then this video i would of been done roofing that hole side?

  • Nawar alqadhy 1 year ago

    You are the King of roofing> I will go and my house now …..?

  • youbestbequiet 1 year ago

    Button caps on felt is always better as well.?

  • Alexander Johnson 1 year ago

    Never staple sheathing down with a staple..minimal bonding power over long periods of time?

  • Darian Cote 1 year ago

    Why is that tom?

  • 3477437160 roofing 1 year ago

    Roofing Free estimaci

  • Peter Aplin 1 year ago

    who puts this shit on there roof. is this a third world country?

  • Wow , thumb up !?

  • Omar Alvarez 1 year ago

    its not that difficult to start off. all you have to do is start from the side?

  • ARNWRKRSrule 1 year ago

    Nice job Tommy !?

  • J and J Roofing and Building 1 year ago

    What a useful guide!?

  • Ulise Ilusr 1 year ago

    it won't leak but you're not professional?

  • Michael C 1 year ago

    You are doing this project as a patch and not a replacement. To correctly install the sublayer you would want to strip the whole roof first so you can install whole pieces of underlayment over the hip ridges.?

  • Alfa Roofing Calgary 1 year ago
  • pablo ortiz 1 year ago

    t.k. people.good job.?

  • Li U MAAA 1 year ago

    only that roof staging I like in this video.?

  • Drop Dad 1 year ago

    Why so many guys tho lol?

  • Carl Smith 1 year ago

    Way over kill on nailing the underlayment?

  • Kevin Barreto 1 year ago

    wow you need like 5 guys to get the job done were only 3 we finish a house a day and a half.?

  • DukeLaCrosse20 1 year ago

    What is the name/brand of the product used to tape the seams?

    This is the only video I have seen where the decking seams are taped. I really like the look of that — its almost like the waterproofing you'd do on a shower. Someone else mentioned heavier felt is all that's required, but it appears to me that this joint tape is exactly what you want. Note: I am not a roofer, just a guy learning from videos.?

  • BlackSwan912 1 year ago

    not nearly long enough! Thank you?

  • Sheila Horn 1 year ago

    please come and help me my roof needs to be fixed please come out and fix on my roof in Miami Florida it really needs some work done to it so please contact me back thank you they have a blessed day?

  • Roofing Contractors UK 1 year ago

    Hey great guide – thank you :)?

  • Brad Steinemann 1 year ago

    This is a good job. I would mention a caution because OSHA requires safety netting or harneses to protect from fall. Anything higher then 6 feet off ground. I know most people do not use especially on low slope roof. Unfortunetly OSHA can reap a big fine for this.
    The taping of the plywood is required by building code when going back with 15 pound felt. You can eliminate the plywood taping if you use 30 pound felt or a approved synthetic underlayment. Again this is good job though.?

  • amazegh ashlhei 1 year ago

    god bless?

  • Mike Bogo 1 year ago

    it is fun to watch how you guys work together!I need some body to fix my roof in st.Louis MO?

  • Mark Ramos 1 year ago

    No safety!?

  • Jeff Birch 1 year ago

    This is a very informative and thought provoking video. Well done.?

  • Justin Letner 1 year ago

    you didn't even check if the nails are ringshank.

  • Justin Letner 1 year ago

    lol you guys are a bunch of rookies,?

  • snnnoopy 1 year ago

    Was wondering where the sequel to this video, "putting the shingles on" is.?

  • Roofing Companies CT 1 year ago

    Allied did a top notch job on this rip-off/replacement type job. If these roofers can do this in Florida with the heat. they can do a roof replacement any where.?

  • Wo Ra 1 year ago

    No todos los Mexicanos son narco trafficante!?

  • John Gougoustamos 1 year ago


  • Jake Rightmyer 1 year ago

    and felt paper everywhere?….wheres the ice/water sheild membrane on the first at least 3 ft and in ALL valleys and along walls where there are step flashings installed…all potential leak ares.