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Video responses to DarkOneSun Video Rating: / 5 Solomon is 75% Friesian by Evan of Horsemeister out of Hadassah who is by Raven of Horsemeister. Solomon is SOLD. More information on our website Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPROFITABLE HYDROPONICS & ORGANIC FARMING IN INDIA – DON’T MISSIndoor Gardening Tips : How Do I Care for Gardenias Indoors?Croton Plant | Indoor Plant Maintenance | How to Care for Plants | Gardening Ideas (Urdu/hindi)Increase Employment for Aboriginal People – Healthy City SummitKid’s Garden – Don’t Call Me YoursReal Gardens for Real People – Sun City, Arizona – Part 1 – 03/12/11

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  • savvy guy 8 months ago

    i know i am a loser so i could care less what people think

  • BigBOSSCalvin83 8 months ago

    @ronfan69 I would to travel out the country, I need to generation the resources to do so. But I sure want leave American all togther.

  • ronfan69 8 months ago

    @BigBOSSC83Truth If you like Asian women, why don't you travel to the Philippines and meet a nice Filipina who will appreciate you?

  • BigBOSSCalvin83 8 months ago

    @ronfan69 When I watched the original video /watch?v=-TScJqVtk0k
    I was happy when I climaxed at her sexy toes.

  • ronfan69 8 months ago

    Have you wanked to the clip at the end? Be honest

  • BigBOSSCalvin83 8 months ago


    Wow a fat head pale skin monkey well-known pedophile, rapist typical European bigot Nazi!!

  • GreatestWhiteman 8 months ago

    A fat head negro with yellow teeth!!

  • BigBOSSCalvin83 8 months ago

    @dingoman09 No she is my eye candy, and I love her feet and her sexy toes.

  • Marcus Riley 8 months ago

    Does the girl at the end have anything to do with the video?

  • BigBOSSCalvin83 8 months ago

    @k5lta I know!

  • k5lta 8 months ago

    oh yeah i love that girl at the end, shes a cutie pie!!

  • k5lta 8 months ago

    Nothing but Truth!! the Hitler comparison was right on fucking point!! and yeah WW3 is on the horizon, and check this out /watch?v=kfge_Hu7DOM more weather manipulation.