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Quick rundown on my indoor hydroponic RDWC system. I learned how to make this from medgrower1 here on youtube. 32 gallon water reservoir with Milwaukee Instruments pH reader/doser. 20 gallon control bucket with ink bird water temp thermometer/controller that maintains my 1/4 horse power water chiller and 150watt heating rod to maintain water temps. Control bucket feeds into 6 buckets that live in my 5x5x6 foot Apollo grow tent. 600watt hood cooled light with 6inch exhaust fan and fan speed controller. Humidity controller that runs my simple vicks humidifier and mini de-humidifier. One ink bird air temperature thermometer/controller that runs my AC and Mini heater. ::Water Pumps:: An Eco633 GPH Water pump was not big enough for a 5 gallon / 6 bucket setup just like the one above. I went back to the store and got a Eco1500-1600 GPH water pump. The Eco1500-1600 GPH however was way too much for a 6 bucket config and my control bucket would get too low very fast.. I fixed this however by adding a 1 inch stop valve between my control bucket and the pump. I found that the addition of a stop valve gives you finer control of not only pump power, but also water levels during rapid roots growth. So I’d say for a 4 bucket setup like above Eco633 might sound perfect, but you really should go a tad bit higher like around 800 GPH in the video. Lesson is that you want to go a tad over on pump power and add a stop valve so you can have fine control of the water levels at all stages of the plants life cycle (IMO). Please go checkout medgrower1’s channel for lots of great information: For parts list: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAlien® RDWC XL Hydroponic […]

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  • thegolden294 11 months ago

    sorry for the newb question, but what are the benefits of a control reservoir?

  • SRCASTK 11 months ago

    NOT Involved W/Cannabis-I Research Cannabis… Wouldn’t It Make More Sense To ONLY Add Nutes To Ur Smaller Control Bucket vs Ur 55G RO Rez??? U’d Save Nutes

  • Sir. Dick 11 months ago

    Dang dude your system is really right-on, just missing co2 but bud on my friend !!!

  • Eli Lehrmann 11 months ago

    Awesome setup man…any chance you can send me the schematic design so I can build one?

  • DWC WEEDKING 11 months ago

    Instead of using that Doser you can use a small aquarium pump with an adjustable Draper at the end of your waterline that is connected to the pump . use diluted pH and it works absolutely perfectly…

  • Austin 11 months ago

    do you run your filter/ exhaust 24/7?

  • John Heine-Parisi 11 months ago

    too much bull shit

  • Corey Evans 11 months ago

    This is awesome vidio do you have one of the plants growing how they doing

  • Steven Scott 11 months ago

    Shouldn't have the carbon filter connected straight to the lights as that means the lights are getting moisture so should have a dedicated fan for the lights where no air from the tent hits the lights

  • Tom Kalin 11 months ago

    dam overboard much it is a seed you can just throw outside an grow to bring them inside there happy plants

  • KickingItWith Pete 11 months ago

    I can't imagine the outrageous electricity bill for 6 plants. Nice set up though.

  • Golden Goodness Hydroponics 11 months ago

    Water down the ph buffer that is why it seems to be "over dosing" you never want to add ph up or down that has not been diluted to a nutrient solution. It will lock some of them out making it unavailable to the plant.

  • Matt Sterling 11 months ago

    what is your average yield and why 600w over 1000w

  • Jake Brindle 11 months ago

    this is the perfect grow setup. So impressive! Could you do some follow up videos to this or maybe a diy explanation and guide for your rig? I'm sure a lot of people-including myself- would love to see the genius behind this!

  • Tony S. Boumadi 11 months ago

    Would you be willing to provide a list and diagram of how to build this! truly beautiful

  • David Harris 11 months ago

    Hi devin, I notice that your inline pump return line isn't perfectly in the middle of all 6 buckets and you had to use a 3 way T followed closely by a 4 way cross to the left to send to the middle buckets. My question is did you see a difference in pressure between the two buckets on each end? Because one side of the 3/4" line coming from the pump has to feed 4 buckets and the other side only feeds 2 I'm wondering if you see a significant pressure drop in water delivery to the end buckets on the "left" after the 4 way cross in comparison with the end buckets on the right. Does that make sense? Also, where did you find your 4 way 3/4" cross with barbs?

  • sagon111 11 months ago

    Beyond crazy overkill!