The rattan garden furniture is made of a particular material obtained from the wood of a palm that grows only in tropical areas, called Rattan. Lately the garden furniture made of this material is spreading a lot that looks like a very solid and resistant woven wood fiber, this particular weave is obtained by working the wood of the rattan palm and all the furniture made with this wood and this working process are called rattan furniture.With this material different furnishing elements are made such as chairs, sofas, armchairs, tables and chaise longues that adapt perfectly to any type of garden as rattan represents a natural material that gives the furniture an elegant and refined air.Rattan is the best type of wood for making garden furniture as it is perfectly resistant to all different climatic conditions and does not deteriorate if exposed for a long time to the scorching sun or even if left for whole winters in heavy rains also it is a very flexible and easy type of wood to work for where you can find rattan furniture of various shapes and details capable of creating a corner of relaxation and comfort in every place. Whoever furnishes his garden with all the furniture made of rattan is certainly a person who wants an elegant and particular garden but also a livable place, practical and able to last over time.Rattan can also be made with a synthetic material that maintains the same characteristics as that obtained with palm wood but is artificially produced using synthetic polymers, even with this type of rattan you can make all the furniture that make up the furniture for the garden.
Rattan garden furniture

The main feature of rattan furniture is its high resistance, in fact these furniture can hardly chip or break and at the same time are practical and light so they are very easy to move in case of need.

Rattan lends itself very well to processing and therefore it is easy to find furniture made with particular shapes that represent real works of designers, with this material, in addition to the various garden furniture, also numerous objects that can be combined with the furniture are made. outdoor to create an environment with an unmistakable style.This material is available in various colors ranging from black to white through sand and gray so you can choose your furniture in the color that best suits your garden. sofas and armchairs made of this material but it is also possible to combine chairs, tables and sun loungers with them, the only negative note of rattan is its price which is generally higher compared to the other materials used for the construction of garden furniture but the its duration over time and its elegance is unmatched.

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The rattan, both the synthetic and the natural one, does not require any particular maintenance but if after a very long exposure to the sun it discolors slightly it is possible to repaint it with special paints in order to make it shiny and shiny again as at the time of purchase or you can repaint your rattan furniture when you want to change the color of your furniture making it more eccentric or more classic.

To clean rattan furniture you simply need to wipe it with a damp sponge and in case of stains you can use a neutral and not aggressive detergent, if instead your furniture is full of dust, before wiping with the wet sponge you can use a small brush with which to eliminate all the dust and then proceed with washing.

Rattan furniture represents a very important purchase as they have a fairly high cost since it is garden furniture, in fact a small sofa made of this material costs around 400 euros so before making the purchase, decide carefully which ones and how much furniture do you need to furnish the garden and ask for various quotes in order to compare the various offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

For the purchase you can contact the shops specialized in outdoor furniture or all the shops that sell wicker furniture and ethnic furniture.Lately, the purchase of this type of furniture via the internet is also spreading in fact numerous sites offer the sale of this type of furniture but, if you buy via the web, remember to add shipping costs to the cost of the furniture and check that the furniture is guaranteed and has the same characteristics as the furniture sold in stores. provenance of the rattan which must comply with European standards and must come from certified sources.

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