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  • Cee Tee 1 month ago

    did you post your code? i wanna control pi, and all the inputs via pia

  • Bearded by Nature 1 month ago

    Awesome stuff, man. Was curious on whether or not someone utilized a Raspberry PI for this. Am interested in doing something similar.

  • chrisgsauce 1 month ago

    Very cool, great work!

  • Ryangodammit lᴉɐɯƎ 1 month ago

    Awesome work. Thanks for the info about cayenne, even if you don’t use it anymore. Nowhere near enough info online about this

  • Kenneth Vandbæk 1 month ago

    Do you still use your RPi for controlling your tower and will you share it?

  • Kenneth Vandbæk 1 month ago

    How did you made the springler on top of your water tower?

  • Diego Ceraso 1 month ago

    Hello will you have the code?

  • Daniel Situmorang 1 month ago

    hello Charles, can I get list of sensors attached to your raspi?

  • Dwight Moebes 1 month ago

    Please do an update in a couple weeks so we can see how the plants are growing.