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Please watch Part-2 of this video: Bangladesh entered in to Re-circulation Aquaculture system (RAS) technology in Fish culture. JAK-AGRO3 Aquaculture project introduced this technology in commercial fish farming in Bangladesh. This technology uses filtered and re-circulated water in high density fish culture in Tanks inside a building. Production capacity is many times higher than conventional pond culture system. Land requirements is very less . Only 3200 sft covered area to produce 10+ tons fish per year. Shing and Deshi Magur ( catfish) are the most suitable fish for this RAS project. Also suitable for Barramundi/ Vetki/ Koral. Less water requirement, Low feed conversion ratio, healthy and uniform size fish production, high volume production and less mortality is the specialty of this project. This project is located in Mymensingh city, Bangladesh. This technology is suitable for India, Myanmar and Middle East countries also suitable for desert condition. This small RAS system is also suitable also for southern USA for Tilapia, Catfish, Barramundi. For more information, Please contact: JAK International, Dhaka, Bangladesh. e-mail: Tel: +8801717676161 , +8801552366105 Related PostsFish Farming Using Indoor Techniques In Bangladesh.DIY Aquaponics Indoor Systems – (Aquarium Fish Tank, Vertical Farming and Mini Tanks)Business Daily _ Shrimp farming in the desertImproved Potato Farming Yields Results in BangladeshAlternative Farming Methods: Vertical Gardening in Bangladesh

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  • navaz mohammed 1 month ago

    Hii I am navaz.from india..intrested in this product…intrested need 2 lakh liters tank. ..four. With center drain ..what is the price including water filter.. Please mail me
    My no is +919989210043 what's app me..With regards

  • navaz mohammed 1 month ago

    Hii I am navaz.from india..intrested in this product…intrested need 2 lakh liters tank. ..four. With center drain ..what is the price including water filter.. Please mail me
    My no is +919989210043 what's app me..With regards

  • 253 Catfish Farm 1 month ago

    If you want to learn how to cultivate fish more efficient, just go to my channel and lets learn together. I use natural water system (NWS) which dont need to use big electricity and lot of filters but I am able to cultivate 10.000 fish in diameter three without changing and recirculation water. However, I am also using RAS combined with hydrophonic or called aquaphonic at the same time but I jut think NWS more efficient.

  • Dipankar Pramanik 1 month ago

    I am interested on your project. Please send me your details to my email at :

  • Sanjeev Kumar 1 month ago

    sir i m sanjeev kumar i from india karnal haryana i want to cost this r s a please send me your fish farming cost R S A i want to meet u I request please meet me

  • Taher Mia 1 month ago

    This product is not from Bangladesh. It came from Canda

  • Taher Mia 1 month ago

    The USA started 1976 in commercial, Bangladesh too early

  • Abul Kasem 1 month ago

    how much many need.

  • Majek Adega 1 month ago

    Would like to know if the material used for the fish tank is galvanized sheet and if the screws on the side are from riveting. Your contact infor will be appreciated.

  • Meherul Khan 1 month ago

    Hi i am interesting in your fishing project so could you send me your some fishing project's information on this email please

  • Raiyan Md Forhad 1 month ago

    Hello, this is Raiyan from Dhaka. I am interested to start a RAS Indoor Farming Project. For that, I may need to contact with you in person for a proper consultancy on this. But for now, could you please send me the detail of this project to my e-mail address: ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anamul Huq 1 month ago

    Dear sir, can you please give us the project detail.
    Thanks a lot

  • Norman Mwenda 1 month ago

    How big are those tanks and whats the maximum number of tilapia can you stock per tank using that system.

  • Rabeya Khatun 1 month ago

    ai fish farm ta monsingh ar kon jaygai

  • Raghav Kochhar 1 month ago

    Hi. What is the number to dial from an international location? Thanks

  • Anowar Hossain 1 month ago

    Interested to start Recirculating Aquaculture farm.
    seeking technology and implementation consultancy.
    kindly contact with me at

  • George James 1 month ago

    Wold's First Vertical Crab Fattening in Complete RAS (Recycling Aquaculture System) Finally happened. Please watch this links
    Farm visits and 20 minutes description about the technology INR: 1000/- per person those who interested can call. Phone: +91-8606175426

  • Yummy Shop 1 month ago

    Where I can get this types of steel sheet pond and how much it coast?

  • Chế lại đồ 1 month ago

    mẫu bồn hay lắm, thank

  • Morshed Alam 1 month ago

    please send project details at