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  • Cockatiel Nation

    Laura changing the English language! Alert Mr. Webster to add "burnage" to the dictionary! Also the addition of "ish" to most any word to indicate a likeness to something!

  • Gayla R

    If you want a really pretty plant in your garden that you can also eat, you should try Malabar spinach. It’s very hardy and has beautiful leaves that are almost like succulents on wine colored stems. It puts up this pretty little white and pink bloom cluster that turns into dark berries. Oh…and it taste good too!

  • Jennifer Dineen

    Hi Laura, I’m so envious of how well watered all your plants are. I’ve learned so much about irrigation from you and I’ve gotten pretty good at running the lines and setting up timers. But now I’d love a whole video on how you vary the watering schedule for annuals vs perennials vs shrubs and trees. I’m sure I’m watering some things too much and others not enough.

  • crystal francis

    Hi from Alaska! Question: this year was my first year growing food. We have strawberries, cherry tomatoes and green peppers. My cherry tomatoes are actually growing, look healthy, but they are black not red. It’s not rot because all of them are the same. Did I get a black cherry tomato plant? Is that a thing? And how do you know when they are ripe? Love your channel, I’ve been watching you for two years now.

  • Erin Brubaker

    I’m glad to hear you’ve struggled with nasturtium from seed because I have too. I haven’t started them inside first so that’s a good tip, so thank you! You encourage me so much. When I have a lot to get done in the garden and I’m feeling a little procrastination I always watch your daily video first and it inspires me to get out there and romance the ordinary. So thank you Laura and Aaron, you inspire us in so many unseen ways!

  • Cleo

    Hey guys how are you doing? I really loved this format, when you showed us how were the beds during spring and summer time. I have a question. I love in Greece zone 9b and I started cherry tomatoes from seed. The people here tell ,e to protect the tomato plants from the sun because the leaves will get burnt. The truth is that this summer we had crazy hot temperatures and for really long periods. But although I fertilize my tomato plants they don't open their blooms. What do you think? Should they will be benefit from the sun or not? Thank you in advance. Kisses and hugs. Sincerely, Cleopatra