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Its that time of year that people get inspired to start their first gardens. With all the information out there where do you even start? Today ill go through the basics in getting your first garden going starting by going through location selection, raised bed construction, garden soil and mulching. Location location location! It is really important to make sure you place your first garden in a good location. So how do you figure out where a good location for your garden is? Although the summer solstice is still a few months away the sun this time of year is going to give you some hints of where to place your garden. This is less of a concern if you have a wide open area but if your in an city like I am there are plenty of things that can obstruct the sun. on a sunny day take a three or four photos of you yard. This will let you know where the sun is hitting and where it is being shaded. If you dont have an area that in most of the photos is sunny take a look for structures, fences and trees to the south of the are in your yard that is the closest to the North of you property. If your not sure where North and South are most smart phones have a built in compass. remember that although structures on the south side of your yard are causing the shadow right now the sun will pass higher in the sky during the summer reducing the extend of the shadowing. So look for an area that is shaded now however when the length of the shadow is reduced in summer may become exposed to sunlight. Another good indicator if you live in an area that […]

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  • Haley Mansfield 1 year ago

    Thank you so much! This is a concise video with a lot of practical information for an extreme newbie like me! Now I just need to figure out a plan for where to plant all of my different seeds!

  • Katie Hansen 1 year ago

    awesome video, thank you!

  • Sean Monts 1 year ago


  • Munib Buhić 1 year ago

    My father told me I had to visit Simply Love Gardening (search on Google). I learned a lot there.

  • James Tepfenhart 1 year ago

    At the end of the year, do you remove the dirt from the garden bed. Or do you just add oppose to your garden after the first year.

  • Camelia Burjan 1 year ago

    the little dog stole your show :)))

  • Practical Readiness 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video! I'm just getting started with raised bed gardening and enjoying the challenge.

  • Thanks

  • Wise Student 1 year ago

    Thankyou,  But is a raised bed really worth all the cost ????

  • Wise Student 1 year ago

    Every body has all kinds of ideas for design, materials, size, for raised bed gardening…..But No body tells where to get the planting material (dirt) for a raised bed….

  • pookergirl 1 year ago

    You make no mention of being sure not to use treated wood!  The chemicals will leach into your soil!

  • Michael Clark 1 year ago

    Raised beds are great for people with limited space, maximum yield in a minimal area and beginners can get excellent results from even a small raised bed.

  • parmz1 1 year ago

    I like your dog.

  • VOTE4TAJ 1 year ago

    I am starting my raised beds this week. What do you recommend horse or cow manure. I can have access to bulk sheep and poultry manure as well.

    My existing semi raised beds are shaded along 50' fence (mainly for fenugreek, spinach, kale and lettuce)
    The new beds will cover about a 120 sq ft with veggies like okra, bitter mellon, round squash, English cucumbers and egg plants. 

  • Ray Wiggins 1 year ago

    I just found your film on YouTube. You really impress me and my wife. Thanks for showing us how to get started and are looing for more info

  • Cate's Garden 1 year ago

    Very nice info.

  • Jim S 1 year ago

    Nice video.
    I think some things that stop people from having a garden is that they think it's a lot of work, and it can be, but it doesn't have to be. 
    On another note…I recently got into a debate in a gardening forum about sheet mulch. You mentioned that you do it, so I take it you're thinking like I do about it's weed suppression and soil improvement. There are some that think it is detrimental to the soil. Barrier to moisture and air movement, etc. 
    I'm rethinking my general use and probably will only use it when I have a particularly persistent weed problem, but I'm thinking a deep mulch may be enough. Curious to hear your thoughts.

  • Sohan Sohan 1 year ago

    Always love your video. Absolutely helpful. Steven, can i put shredded paper or cartoon for the plastic container at the botom? Or it is only good in the raise bed because touch the ground directly? Thanks for advice.

  • cp usha 1 year ago

    Video is to see, but here it is lecturering

  • cp usha 1 year ago

    Video is to see, but here it is lecturering

  • Antonio Gundayao 1 year ago

    How to make invitation letters

  • fantasticalice 1 year ago

    Too much talking….

  • Klas P 1 year ago

    Im a fan both of gardening and baking soda and will try low dose on my cabbage worms. But what does this stuff do to plants and the soil in itself? Small doses good, high doses burn? And hey, don't call purslane weed, it's way healthier than cabbage!

  • Elizabeth Reyes 1 year ago

    I am a scriber on your channel how would I be able to treat a gardenia that the leaves are turning yellow and a apple tree that has black spots on the leaves also the Apple tree has several blooming and I do not know too much about apple trees Should a Appletree have blooms in December thank you for your channel looking forward for your correspondence

  • Jerry Verducci 1 year ago

    Arm and Hammer has Aluminum…not so good. IF your going to consume to kill cancer by adding to a grade 'B' pancake syrup by slightly cooking and then eating, use another type. Its the 'trojan Horse to killing cancer. NO DOUBT!

  • Sphinx Hutc 1 year ago

    Awesome video thank you so much and I love the fact that you're anti Monsanto of course organic gardening is just that but I appreciate hearing it. we have to do everything we can to weed out every thing that represents Monsanto thank you again for this great video a lot more of great use his or baking soda I love this product anyway now I love it even more

  • SG .Hedge 1 year ago

    I agree, use natural – DONT fund/help Monsanto !

  • Athaliamum 1 year ago

    You know the picture of the weed you showed (pigweed) is one of the most omega 3 nutrient rich substances in the world?  I would be eating it, not killing it.

  • Gary Lee 1 year ago

    I have spots on the leaves of my Cleveland Pear trees, Will this help with that????? Please help me!!

  • Edgar Zeppenfeldt 1 year ago

    thanks for your question what would the amounts be for the mixture of baking soda and water? im having a peaty much small bug infestation which honestly the only one i can recognize is the ant and something small that seems to be eating my plants..any way just looking for help dont really like to use harsh chemicals..thanks! +Noreen's Garden

  • Jessica Panfile 1 year ago

    So the dish soap won't be poisonous to the Bonsai? Thank you so much Noreen

  • Jessica Panfile 1 year ago

    Hi Noreen, I have a quick question I was wondering if you know how to get rid of spider mites off of a Bonsai tree? My son has a bonsai tree and he said it has spider mites and it now seems all of it's leaves are falling off.

  • vulcan1429 1 year ago

    You learn something every day….thnx.

  • roerinaci 1 year ago

    Hi Noreen the baking soda will that also kill the beneficial bugs too..Lady Bugs,Bees etc ?? Love this new channel getting caught up on your videos ..Thanks for sharing :)

  • Cindi Rice 1 year ago

    I learn so much from you! Love these baking soda tricks – SO much better than the chemical approach. 

  • avonleanne 1 year ago

    noreen, does baking soda go bad?  I keep finding things I need baking soda for, and trying to prepare, I find I am gonna need a LOT~!!!!  suggestions?

  • Kim Belcher 1 year ago

    Thanks Noreen, You taught me something. Great tips. :)