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This video is to showcase the building that I work in during my normal day job. Although, my day job and Danieldialatone both strive to do a couple of the same things, to reuse things, and to keep things out of the landfill: to develop circular economies of food production, energy conservation and material reuse, while empowering people of all backgrounds to make their cities healthier and more efficient. What is a Circular Economy? In a circular economy, conventional waste streams from one process are repurposed as inputs for another, creating a circular, closed-loop model of material reuse At the Plant we equip people and businesses with the tools to live more sustainably through community-driven, hands-on programs and innovative tech demonstration projects. History Plant Chicago is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by John Edel. His company, Bubbly Dynamics, LLC, is also owner and operator of our home, The Plant, a groundbreaking food production space designed to be a net-zero, closed loop system in Chicago’s Back of the Yards. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHomemade Self Watering Container Gardening Construction using a Rain BarrelDiY How To Make A Vertical Self Watering Garden From a 55 Gallon BarrelC of C 2-4-12 Plant Chicago: Farming for the Future A Net-Zero Energy Vertical FarmIn Search of the Future of Urban Agriculture: Plant ChicagoWhy We Have Aquaponics at The Plant – Plant Chicago, NFP Explains‘Plant Chicago’ Building the Circular Economy

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