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No copyright infringement intended , fair use only.. if you own any of the clips you can contact me and i’ll take the video down. Thank you. FB Page : Related PostsHouston Sign Company National Signs – Houston, Texas – NRG Stadium – Roof Signage – ExtendedHouston Sign Company National Signs – Houston, Texas – NRG Stadium – Roof Signagemiami marlins stadium roof opening.wmv It is official! The Miami Marlins have a new logo, new uniforms and most importantly… a new ballpark! We gotShipping container house – Green roofLandscape Design Expert & HGTV Host Carson ArthurKids In The Garden with Carson Arthur!

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  • Chun Wong 9 months ago


  • thespotlightkid 9 months ago

    Unbelievable humility. Can only imagine what some others would have said – "Yeah, dawg, I hit that thing easy"

  • adipolida 9 months ago

    "You want me to try" :-), such a sweet and humble guy… Nadal rocks!!!

  • myasus100 9 months ago

    It's disgraceful that he couldn't hit the roof.

  • shallowlord 9 months ago

    205 feet is 62,5 meters if you use the normal measurment

  • smoko1994 9 months ago

    Well they said it's 205ft or 62.5m to the roof. Assuming vertical shot, that's v(i)^2=2as, so he should shoot it up at a minimum speed of 35m/s; 126km/h; 78mph. The problem is the awkward angle of the shot so it's much slower than serving.

  • Tactical Scouser 27 9 months ago


  • Sebastian Lea 9 months ago

    I didn't know TopCat reported at tennis games

  • dark luffi 9 months ago

    Holy shit, he didnt even hit it hard, this guy is awesome

  • Otac kralja Slagalice 9 months ago

    and he hirts his knee

  • Tom Deverson 9 months ago

    A lot of his forehands probably loop that high anyway. He's such a humble guy tho. Respect to him

  • Which pixel is the ball?

  • SamPlaysArma 9 months ago

    If it was on clay, he'd have done it.

  • Wodz30 9 months ago

    If Rafa cant hit it there then no one can!! incredible

  • sultanzsultanz 9 months ago

    Since many years my feeling toward Rafa not good (because i'm one of Federer fan), but the fact that no one can hide Rafa is one of the best player in sport history, not only about his career, it's also from the personal side, he's respectable and lovable.

  • Abu Junayed 9 months ago

    Tim Henman would be good at this…. He's good at hitting anything but court.

  • Brandon Barhydt 9 months ago

    Give me a fungo and a golf ball I'll hit the roof

  • AMJGreenspy 9 months ago

    My King

  • Angel 9 months ago

    Where did the ball land?

  • Odean Mcfury 9 months ago

    He is actually very similar to Ronaldo.