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The RacJack is a roof jack system that makes starting steep roofs easy without ladder jacks or scaffolding. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Aeroponic Rail System39 Pepper Aeroponic Rail System- Basic OverviewFollowup – Hydroponic Rail System for Growing LettuceHydroponic Rail System Build – VLOG 2 by HPFirearmsHydroponic Rail System Build – VLOG 3 by HPFirearmsShipping container house – Green roof


Green Roofs


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  • marcus lewis 1 year ago

    Hi, this is for hazard2000. it's okay if it takes long, is roofers like you charging next to fucking nothing, why you can't afford safety equipment. takes way to long fuck you… guys like you fucking up the market. if he charge 100$ per bundle it's ok. safety always comes first….good job guys?

  • SFVOG Kush 1 year ago

    This shit takes way to long to setup its for fucking nancy rip off roofers not worried about going fast cuz they charge 100$ per bundle

  • smartmantools 1 year ago

    Some roofers use the RaJjack without the rails. The rails get used the most on a 3 or 4 story job or when OSHA is involved. Other safety rail systems have to be nailed in the path of work, the RacJack not so. With the RacJack you alternate the upper and lower jacks and the entire system stays in place while tearing off and installing drip edge felt and shingles from the roof without the need for ladder jacks and or scaffolding.