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r/AmITheA**hole In today’s episode, OP has an ongoing confrontation with his entitled neighbors. The neighbor kids keep coming into her yard to steal things from his garden. He wants to know if he will be a jerk for planting thorny plants and cacti all over his garden to keep the neighbor kids out. But, it turns out he doesn’t need to go that far! He catches the family stealing fruit from his garden red-handed and calls the cops on them! The cops show up while they are IN THE PROCESS OF STEALING and OP gets his revenge! If you like this video and want to see more, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit content! 🍑 r/AmITheA**hole A Kid Found My Pot Cookies! 🔔 Subscribe: 💬 Discord: 🎧 Podcast: ⚓ Send me a voice message: 📸 Instagram: ♪ TikTok: 🛒 Merch: 🎁 Patreon: #reddit #r/AmITheButthole #funnyredditposts “Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC By Attribution 3.0 Related PostsPeter Rabbit – Stealing From the Garden | Wizz | Cartoons for KidsWe Planted a Garden | Gardening with Kids | Raising A to ZSour Plum Fruit (Boroi Kul) Collecting from Garden for KidsGarden Animals | Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn ESL Story Wow English TVÖzlem and Rüya Picking Up Tomato From The Garden – Funny Kids VideoPlant an Emoji Garden from Creativity for Kids

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  • Cedar FitzG 1 month ago

    Plant gooseberry bushes. They have vicious thorns. Delicious berries though.

  • OEDODRAGON 1 month ago

    0:06 Yes (That's disgusting).
    1:51 No (You can plant what you like).
    6:28 No (Doesn't matter if you can read lips or not, she shouldn't say that. Especially right in front of your face)
    7:58 No (They deserve to know).
    10:05 Yes (Older brother is right to be angry).
    13:12 No (She ruined her own day).

  • Caia Wren 1 month ago

    Your puppybloopers riled my boy up and he's now sad that I'm somehow hiding a squeeky toy from him. XD

  • Duane Samuelson 1 month ago

    Totally BS to been in the the roommates bed.

  • Vossk Ambassador 1 month ago

    Hmmm Berry bushes are a nice minecraft village defence, along with bamboo

  • My favs 1 month ago

    Sounds like a high, lockable fence sounds like a good idea for the first girl.

  • Oof moments Bruh 1 month ago

    Everyone who Hits the like button Gets 5/5 donut holes 🙂

  • George Charles 1 month ago

    I'm Syrian, a Christian, and have had strong cultural roots growing up. Americans seem to think having roots is a bad thing and treating roots like water is a positive thing…it's not.

  • Jimjutsu 1 month ago

    If someone puked on my sheets, they're getting washed immediately.
    That's disgusting.

  • Cami L 1 month ago

    The longer they take care of that brother the worse it is, they are hurting him more than they are helping him.

  • Xen Xander 1 month ago

    always press charges even if you can't honestly afford to.
    If you can't afford a lawyer you won't be able to win any money in court but they will most likely still be found guilty and you can at least get your court fees paid for by them (minimum)

  • Sara Burke 1 month ago

    Rslash puppy bloopers merch would be an amazing type of gift for holidays.

  • PsyckoSama 1 month ago

    Did you plant a Gympie-Gympie tree on your property? No? You're not the asshole. If so, you are the biggest asshole on the planet and I salute you.

  • Sceptical Hyenas 1 month ago

    Fuck "prickly bushes", be inspired by the thumbnail and plant jumping cactus.
    They will learn. They will ALL learn.

  • Denise Eulert 1 month ago

    I'm glad the parents stood up for their son, who was going shirtless to the pool.

  • Share Shares 1 month ago

    With the last one, were op’s sister to say that she does not know how her husband’s family views trans people, and might get violent towards op, and just say that as a suggestion, there would be no assholes.

  • Frank Young 1 month ago

    If you use somebody else's sheets, OF COURSE you clean them. Sheeesh!

  • Story 1: in my opinion that was a kind of jerk thing to do, though it was a bit of an overreaction from her roommate. 3/5 for OP. 1/5 for the roommate

  • Ren9077 1 month ago

    It's not wrong to be upset that your children no longer share your values. The kids have no obligation to live as their parents like, but most parents will be upset if their values aren't going to be carried on. Anyone judging them for that is the asshole.

  • ichigokage 1 month ago

    So far only the garden story has been someone who isn't an asshole. That older brother had every single right to be livid with that entire family. It's not the siblings responsibility. Family can help, but it's not to coparent. Okay, the story with the transman isn't an asshole either. He didn't cause the drama. Simply left. He didn't intentionally do shit. Screw that sister.