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Quick Walk-though of the Vertical Mud Crab Farm! Feel free to visit our facebook page for more videos ( You can also contact us at whatapp (+6016-3764369) Related PostsWold’s First Vertical Crab Fattening farm in Complete RAS at Vaikom Money Watch Jaihind NewsMud Crab Farming In Vertical RAcked Box System at STAC Aquaculture CentreQuick Overview of ZipGrow Indoor Vertical FarmingVertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy Steps | DIY Succulent FrameVertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy StepsHow To Build Quick Vertical Garden Projects with Gardeniere Jim Cunneen

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  • Raymond Crisostomo 3 months ago

    How about water salinity?

  • carlosvv antonio 3 months ago

    @RAS Aquaculture how many square meters is the size of the whole crab farming area?? Would fit in a 50sqm area??

  • Lee David Bell 3 months ago

    Hi RAS, any contractor you can recommend to provide the complete set up of the 1000 crabs farm? I am really interested.

  • kalyan raju 3 months ago

    Who's ur supplier for this stacked boxes.. Thanks in advance.

  • Ahmad Zaim Hilmi 3 months ago

    When you have the biofilter installed in series with the uv filter, wouldn't it have rendered the biofilter useless?

  • ngọc nguyên 3 months ago

    how much this system?

  • lokejeehan 3 months ago

    The investment budget included filter system how much?

  • kevin almazan 3 months ago

    where can i buy this king of system?

  • 君宅 3 months ago

    May I know how much do I need to invest for all these system? Thanks

  • Joe Fernando Quililan 3 months ago

    i love it

  • bigcease226 3 months ago

    Can you also farm lobsters?

  • bigcease226 3 months ago

    Can you also farm lobsters?

  • ORANG BUOL ASLI 3 months ago

    Where i can buy the sistem?

  • Nelson Kumar 3 months ago

    How to purchase this

  • K M Rao 3 months ago

    What type of feed are you giving to the crabs in the boxes? What is the size of box? What is the maximum weight of crab which can grow in these boxes?

  • David Tien 3 months ago

    Where is this place bro ? It's great.