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Installing a new metal roof can be intimidating. So in this video I show you a tip on how to guarantee your success. Strapping the roof down to the trailer will help insure that you reduce the possibility of buckling which can wrinkle your roof and make it look unsightly. Don’t forget to visit my website at Video Rating: / 5 St Louis Roofing Contractor Learn some of the different things that go into determining the average cost of a new roof. Related PostsInstall Metal Roof on a TrailerHow to – Metal Roof Types True Green Roofing Reno NV CALL (775) 225-1590How to – Why a Metal Roof? Part 4 True Green Roofing Reno NV (775) 225-1590How To Metal roof for cheapMy Green Roof App TrailerShipping container conversion series video 6 (cutting green roof metal)

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  • Јохн «HEADSMASHER» Даниел 4 years ago

    Where do you buy the metal is my question. Seems hard to find such metal now.

  • cycloneCJ 4 years ago

    Larry, very nice work! i always enjoy seeing your videos! …ps that 58 Beemer is mint in the interior!!!

  • Sebastian Vestae 4 years ago

    Wonderful video ! many thanks for this moment….have a nice day

  • smacdiesel 4 years ago

    You make me want to restore one of these, have any for sale?

  • Anonymoose 4 years ago

    Great tips, Larry! And to me this looks like a vital step in getting that metal lined up and positioned. With it just flapping around there's no way you could properly level the ends and get the edges parallel with the walls.

  • kb1nyd 4 years ago

    Nothing like a new trailer vid to make my night. Loads of good info as always my friend. 

  • cutworm59 4 years ago

    You are looking great these days Larry! Can you do a series on the different layouts in these vintage campers? Including your own thoughts on what's best. Love you man! 

  • sabresierra 4 years ago

    Great info Larry and video , many thanks for your time, this will help me in a huge way.

  • Rudy Hernandez 4 years ago

    Hey Larry, Great information!  Thank you… I have a 1959 Lincraft I've just started to work on. I'm going to take you advise and watch your other videos for more advise and information… My question to you is the top metal on the Can Ham trailers the same thickness as the side metal? I have to do a complete restoration because of the water damage.. If you would like you can go to my Youtube Channel and see what I'm talking about… Thanks so much…