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Cool tomatoes and other vegetable plants with this easy to put up/easy to take down shade canopy using 30% or 40% shade cloth. It cuts down the heat but lets the plants grow. You’ll only need it for a few months in the summer, so a quick and temporary structure makes a lot of sense. It works well and holds up on ordinary windy days. More Food From Small Spaces pdf e-book only .99 Book Music & Video Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Shade Cloth to Reduce Temperature of Plants for Your Vegetable GardenHow to Make a Sun Shade Cover for Vegetable Gardens : Vegetable Gardening 101Quick Summer Front Yard Vegetable Garden TourYour First Vegetable Garden?: A Quick Over View of Raised Bed Gardens – Tips, Purpose & DesignMy New Vegetable Gardening Series: Grow As I Grow – A Quick Series IntroductionSeed Starting Containers: 10+ Ideas for Vegetable Gardening -Quick Tips

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  • cybernaut_ev 7 months ago

    I think this is the best, most versatile way of making a shade framework out of all the videos I've seen on YouTube. But, my question is this: do you glue the pipes in place or just assemble them without gluing?

  • lizanne 7 months ago

    Nice cideo. Nice lady!!

  • 108hike 7 months ago

    Oh, very helpful. I'm always looking for tricks that an older woman (me) can do myself. This is doable!

  • Aditya Banerjee 7 months ago

    Hey there! Looking great. I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in West Africa as an Agriculture volunteer. Our Hot season is coming up! I'm looking at developing a shade structure, and cost is a huge factor with the people I work with.

    I'm thinking about doing a shade structure with old mosquito nets — any thoughts? A lot of shade structures I've seen use fancy materials which aren't even close to available here. But I'm thinking that the mosquito net would give enough dappled shade.

    Thanks for any insights!

  • Roxanne Cox 7 months ago

    Great info, thanks!

  • Dennis Polacek 7 months ago

    Great idea. Nice to see a video with "productive" comments.

  • Julie Olin Serotta 7 months ago

    would you put the shade cloth over zucchini/squash too?

  • I think we're gonna try this. Good idea!

  • Em Green 7 months ago

    🙂 Nice ty 🙂

  • Wildberry2844 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I'm going to do this this year for sure.

  • mayjoyline 7 months ago

    Great idea! I'm doing container gardening and I think that besides being a sun screen, it will help keep birds out of my tomatoes! Thank you. – Mary in Texas

  • Michelle Regan 7 months ago

    That is so awesome, thank you for the video!

  • Enrique Goitia 7 months ago

    2nd comment today and I love in a flat, in Mallorca with direct sun for quite a good time and it a very humid island and hot, like 35c sometimes. would this shade cloth help me use my greenhouse in summer since it esencially a plant cooker now

  • Netting Sino 7 months ago

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  • laura brown 7 months ago

    No adhesive at all? They fit tightly enough to stay together just like that?

  • "Organics Best" Urban Gardner 7 months ago

    I Love it! Personally I would have cover it all on the sides too. That way I don't have to deal with those butterflies / moth that lay down those who caterpillars. 🙂

  • Rodney Quadros 7 months ago

    she is so sweet.. (0.22) my mom twitches her fingers the same way 🙂 so cute.. your vid is really easy

  • LONNA VAN METER 7 months ago

    Lonna V
    Good simple idea to shade plants.  Thank you

  • RajeevFromAdelaide 7 months ago

    Hi, Great video. From you got shade cloth?

  • Donna Bentkowski 7 months ago

    Love your video,since u used 3/4 in. pipe cutters i imagine your PVC pipe must be 3/4 in.,is that correct?