Hi Ka-DIYs! Sharing with you my family’s hydroponic garden. We planted lettuce (05/22/2020). It will take 3-4 weeks before harvest time. All the materials on our DIY hydroponic system can be bought online or can be found at the comfort of your homes. #DIY #hydroponic #gardening

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1) Seeds – http://bpi.da.gov.ph/bpi/index.php (Free); https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/farmchoice-agribusiness/?spm=a2o4l.pdp.seller.1.37a27defyyOpzL&itemId=319066275&channelSource=pdp
2) Plastic container w/ lid (preferably opaque) – repurpose empty containers at home; https://shopee.ph/pcpackagingcenter
*In the video we used 3L container (commonly used container for biscuits) and bore 2inches hole on 4 corners. Filled with 2.5L of water
3-4) Net pot & hydroton – https://shopee.ph/gianvergara
*Make sure when you place the net pot in the container it needs to be submerged (1/2) in the water solution. Fill the net pot with hydroton up to the brim.
5) NutriHydro Nutrient Solution Concentrate – https://shopee.ph/product/116990343/7633249864?v=b98&smtt=0.0.5&fbclid=IwAR06iRLhFNdlGprZ5_b0_JzPSNLX7t5dlnjSC3iv42J5RQqSusE-lnTxYLM
*Add 2.5ml each of solutions A & B in the container with water.
6) foam – repurposed our aquarium filter foam; https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/12100cm-magic-aquarium-filter-pad-high-permeability-filtering-blanket-for-fresh-water-saltwater-fish-tank-aquaculture-i250789201-s342399931.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlistcategory.list.17.5c2c6c9dmbpuUK&search=1
7) Digital LCD TDS Water Meter Pen – https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/digital-lcd-tds-water-meter-pen-water-quality-purity-test-measuring-tool-for-aquarium-pool-hydroponic-etc-i575430463.html

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