Do you have doubts about how to best grow your bonsai plants? Our bonsai questions and answers section will allow you to discover, learn and then apply the techniques learned to your plants in daily life. Many tips and answers to help you in the cultivation of your beloved bonsai!

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  • Azalea

    I bought a nursery azalea to grow it and then work it for a bonsai I have to put it in

  • Bonsai

    wisteria bonsai
    I have a beautiful wisteria plant that is at least ten years old. I would like to know if it was possible to create

  • bonsai

    what can i do, my bonsai most have dry branches, i would like some advice thank you

  • Layering bonsai

    with the layering system can I make all types of bonsai?

  • bonsai delonix regia

    Hi, I bought some delonix regia or fire tree seeds with the intention of making a bonsa

  • how to plant bonsai seeds

    Maple tree
    hi, i bought some bonsai seeds (although i know they don’t exist) but i don’t know how to plant them. them h

  • How to recognize my bonsai?

    Hello everyone! Today they gave me a bonsai, which apparently from the plate should be

  • bonsai care

    Hi everyone, at the beginning of December I bought a bonsai at IKEA, a ficus, and it has ab leaves

  • take care of pre-bonsai

    Bonsai grove
    I followed a video of yours in which it was said that to make prebonsai it was necessary to put de on it

  • Bonsai curiosity

    Maple bonsai
    Hi, I’m trying to inform / equip myself to grow my first bonsai, like this, looking around

  • wish oak

    oak bonsai
    Hi everyone, I am a young bonsai enthusiast. I have read too many books about them but none

  • Educating pre-bonsai

    Boxwood bonsai
    Hi 🙂 I recently planted two weeping willow cuttings and I would like to know how long I have to wait pr

  • acorn from seed

    Oak bonsai
    hi, I wanted to know how I can grow a bonsai oak starting from the seed. Above all vo

  • I bought a bonsai and now?

    Carmona bonsai
    Hi! Today I bought a bonsai from Leroy Merlin. I bought it to put it in my new u

  • Ilex Crenata

    Ilex Crenata
    Hi, about a week ago they gave me an Ilex Crenata of about 15-16 years or so c

  • Directions for sowing

    Common Juniper
    Hi, my name is Gianluca I bought some seeds of: Ficus seeds (Ficus Benghalensis) and Gi


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