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Join Course click below I have some crazy news. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’m going to take the risk. If I offered you 0 dollars in exchange for only , That would that be a No-brainer right? What if you made an extra 0 a month starting right now?. Here’s the idea. In my 20 years of cutting lawns and 5 years in my very own landscaping business. I never knew how to make good money, Up until the last 3 years. It wasn’t until my friend William taught me how to trim trees, where I actually started making 0-0 in cash before lunchtime. I was amazed when I finally learned, that aside from only cutting lawns. You can make high profits from trimming large shrubs, ornamental trees, spreading mulch and maintaining garden beds. So… If you’ve ever thought about getting this access to my landscaping video training course online. Now might be the time. It’s a 7 course that I usually sell for only bucks. The information and advice inside has helped tons of people transform their businesses. Inside the Course 1.)Property Walks with Pricing 2.)How to trim small trees and maintain garden beds. 3.)My audiobook and ebook, “normally each” with a whole chapter on how to do your own SEO for free. 4.) Mp3 downloads that you can listen to while you work. 4.)How much to charge for trimming shrubs, trees, mulch, garden beds, lawns. 5.) Interviews with successful entrepreneurs 6.) How to overcome fears and get the ball rolling including registering your business. Plus more training being added to the course each month. You can literally take the information inside and make an extra 0 cash tomorrow. Here’s the No-brainer part. You can get it all right now for only a […]

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  • Jeff Beauregard 10 months ago

    I bought you course last week I have already watched it 3 times. I'm going into year 2 of my business and it's very exciting.

  • frank392 10 months ago

    Why don't you implement PAYPAL as a for of payment for your course?

  • C. J.A 10 months ago

    You're awesome Keith.. just awesome bro. Keep pushing that inspiration man! Somewhere in the near future, I will be saluting to you with a drink in my hand.

  • justin 10 months ago

    I think God is calling u for this man.everyone has a purpose in this world

  • D and C Lawn&Landscaping 10 months ago

    How do you edit your videos

  • Simple Beauty Landscapes 10 months ago

    Thanks Keith

  • Tom Hunt 10 months ago

    Look atchu wearing the north face you G 😉 haha. Keith I'm embarrassed to say but I've watched like every one on your videos and hardly ever commented lol

  • neal bell 10 months ago

    This course is well worth the money! if anybody is on the fence about purchasing I would highly advise giving it a shot. this is my first year going legit and the course has really streamlined things for me.
    don't knw if I would've found the confidence on my own as most people around me r nay sayers. I'm sure u guys can relate. keep it up keith and thank u

  • Maui Landscape & Lawn 10 months ago

    Aloha Keith this is amazing super excited and it is something I really appreciate I've been listening to many videos because it is not easy at all in my business at all… Really looking forward to chatting with you soon many mahalos !!

  • Keegan Rose 10 months ago

    Ayeee Keith great videos brother on the Jon watching your videos! keep em coming.

  • Evan Caisse 10 months ago

    Thanks man

  • Sergio Sánchez 10 months ago

    i will use youre advice

  • Sergio Sánchez 10 months ago


  • BallSackGaming 10 months ago

    keep on keepin on my friend

  • Sergio Sánchez 10 months ago

    hey keith what shuld you do wen there is to much competicion