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Hello everyone 😀 This video is a bit different but I thought I should warn you about pyramid schemes (and whatever they call their practices nowadays). I hope this was helpful and entertaining! Main Instagram: Study Instagram: My blog: #pyramidscheme #storytime Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJuice Plus Scam? | The Real Problem for a Juice Plus Distributor!Juice Plus Scam? Someone Should Have Told You This?Watch this before you pay $50.00 to the Juice Plus company (her story needs to be heard)My Juice Plus StoryStory Time: Gardening is fun! 🌾🌱| Full Episode | Kids Videos | Highlights High FiveNational Garden Scheme – Would You Open Yours?

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  • Life Improvement Centre Scotland 4 months ago

    Network marketing is not pyramid scheme when u have real products to sell you contradict yourself, read that definition well and see were it says pyramid scheme has no real products or investment but just targets people to join the scheme. I am not a member of juice plus but i know they have products they are selling and that make them not a pyramid scheme but network marketing. Do ur own research people

  • Anna Griffin 4 months ago

    I just got out of Valentus after a year. I lost quite a bit of money. Kept buying the products to keep my status which I bought in the first place. Sold hardly anything. Had a bad reaction to coffee. Never was quite the same. They could care less about the product. They just want to recruit. As they put it market the dream. I finally wised up. Yes there are some making great money but they got in very early and everyone at the bottom it goes up to them. These MLMs need to be stopped. I cant do this to people. Thank god I never recruited. It's been hard emotional but it has also wised me up.

  • undefined girl 4 months ago

    Yes, there are actually people who dropped out of university to sell this stuff. Even quite prestigious unis (you should think they're smarter than that…) I used to know some of them. Juice plus is really rampant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can't open Facebook without seeing it and I hate it. Seriously I can't wait to see this go down.

    One small thing: From your Screenshots I saw that you translated pyramidscheme to Pyramiden scheme. In German it translates to Schneeballsystem (coming from the snowball-effect)

  • Pamela Hernandez 4 months ago

    Your definition states that a scam does not offer a product. Juice Plus does offer a product. My suggestion for anyone considering Juice Plus is CONSUME THE PRODUCT. After doing so, if you believe in it and want to promote healthy living, then perhaps consider becoming a representative for the product. I feel badly that this girl was approached in the manner in which she was; however, I don't find Juice Plus to be a scam at all. I love promoting healthy living first and foremost. If my clients want to join my journey and become a team member, it's up to them. I guess I like to operate on honesty and veracity.

  • Days of French 'n' Swedish 4 months ago

    Haha, loved the bit about "just the audacity"… A decent number of native English speakers don't know that word (or at least don't know how to use it), and the "oh no, having to work in an office in Austria or Switzerland."
    Like two of the top 10 countries for standards of living haha.

    Man I can't believe you messaged back and forth for so long! I'd have just ignored haha.
    Check out these videos if you haven't seen them already: