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Summary of Pros and Cons of Wind Power Pros: – Cheap Source of Energy – Minimal Destruction of Usable Land – Safe Cons: – Reliability of Wind – Environmental Impact on Birds and Bats – Noise Sources: Article: How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost? Article: Factsheet and Statistics Wikipedia: Cost of Electricity By Source U.S. Department of Energy Website Photo Credit: Anders Sandberg GCP Grey Sean and Lauren PhotoAtelier Matthias Mueller Denise Krebs TechnoSpin Inc. John W. Schulze Marco Forster Amit Patel Zach Heller Lewis Castle UHI Related PostsHome Wind Turbines – Pros And ConsPros and Cons of Growing Food in the Tower Garden [Honest, UNSPONSORED REVIEW] Paisley AcresDry vs. Liquid Hydroponic Nutrients: Pros and ConsSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTSWhat are Peat Pellets? | Pros and ConsSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTS


Vertical farming


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  • Abdulrhman Bahashwan 4 years ago

    Can you guys more excited? I almost fell asleep hearing you talk!

  • ALYSSA BELL 4 years ago

    Yes wind turbines are loud, and in predictable of if they might fall. BUT they are still good. They might kill birds and bats, but there is a solution!! People made a turbine that is a TREE!!!!!! The turbine blades are leaves! So birds AND bats can sit comfortably on it, without getting killed. And its not loud.

  • Andree Hollenbeck 4 years ago

    You should go to Inplix if you'd like to make it yourself guys

  • thepersonwhohasnovideos 4 years ago

    Thank you! This is just what I needed!!!

  • reduceelectricbillhome 4 years ago

    the best way to know if having wind turbine ear you is good or not is to know its Pros and Cons..

  • amaru59fong 4 years ago

    @1:15— "However building __ kill around 976 million birds…" what is the word said after 'building'?