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How to make a DIY planter box from cedar fence pickets. More details here: You can also download a free sketchup plan here: —————- Please subscribe and never miss a video! Website: Facebook: Keek: Twitter: —————- Music by Dan-O at Licensed under a Creative Commons license:… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Cedar Planter Made Using Fence Pickets Easy Cheap Afternoon BuildPlanter box made out of a cedar fence picketVertical corner planter made from pallets. Limited tools project!How to make planter boxes from cedar fence boardsGarden planter boxes from old fence panelsPicket Projects – Modern Planter w/ Fence Pickets ONLY $6!!!

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  • fernando fer 4 years ago

    gracias es un gran trabajo completo y sencillo buena idea?

  • Joe Kehoe 4 years ago

    nice job my only criticism would be that the floor needs to be placed on rails. the way you did it, as the weight of the wet soil rests on the floor it can eventually push the screws out or push the boards right past them because all the weight is on those screws. rails out around the interior with the floor places on top will better distribute the weight and make it impossible for the floor boards to fall off?

  • Robin Lewis 4 years ago

    The contrast of the wood looks amazing!?

  • Matthew Mallady 4 years ago

    Great build and excellent video editing. I think after watching this I can make a much uglier one no problem.?

  • Katharyn Strachan 4 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to make the video. Fantastic job! God Bless!?

  • twoweary 4 years ago

    Nice job. You should make yourself a second push stick b4 your next project though.?

  • Marvin Omar Perez Del Cid 4 years ago

    excelente trabajo te felicito!!?

  • Serelaev 4 years ago

    Looks Great!?

  • ardtxus 4 years ago

    Nice build, it came out great.
    I'm also very interested in your workbench. It looks like a nice, simple design and I really like the sunken tool area to keep tools handy for whatever you are working on at the time. Where can I find the plans for it??

  • Keith Gardner 4 years ago

    very nice looking?

  • helen thornton 4 years ago

    looks fantastic, you forgot to say we need to buy 2000 pounds worth of equipment to do it.?

  • Justin Stewart 4 years ago

    Lol, "popped apart and warped all to hell"?

  • Demosthanes locke 4 years ago

    How do you like that Craftsman Table Router?

  • captacc 4 years ago

    Nice video, thanks! I do have some questions. Is this safe for organic gardening since you used varnish? Do you have an alternative??

  • rlmutoob 4 years ago

    Good Job !!!

  • Gregory Halye 4 years ago

    To assist you in making rip cuts on the table saw, you should make a featherboard and clamp it to the fence to apply pressure against the stock to keep it on the table.

  • Alexis Rocha 4 years ago

    How long has it been since you put it into use? Is it holding up well? What I'm getting at is how long will the bottom boards w/out any actual drainage holes last before they need to be replaced??

  • Jhon Vpast 4 years ago
  • Paul Archer 4 years ago

    I made several in different sizes and shapes, great idea to use fence boards.